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The Steed after a good days ride, hence the brake dust on the back tyre
The Steed after a good days ride, hence the brake dust on the back tyre My super smooth custom "Macclesfield Mod" In my opinion the most reliable hub ever produced, never broke anything in it
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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Amity russo
Fork Amber Lexicon
Handlebars Federal Lacey ttxls when im feeling some more height
Bar ends ODI
Stem Proper Microlite Topload
Grips ODI Subliminal
Headset Stolen Insider II Chrome in there somewhere
Cranks Ezra Torch
Bottom bracket Other Alone Alone bearings and twenty cups in chrome
Spindle Ezra torch 16 spline
Sprocket Profile Imperial Sprocket 25t
Chain KMC Is ybm, but end of the day, they all come from the same factory
Pedals Odyssey TWISTED PC
Brake levers Odyssey Monolever Medium
Brakes Salt Cheap happy-go-lucky brake
Detangler SNAFU Mobeus The one and only
Brake cables Odyssey Linear Quik Slic
Brake accessories Odyssey Knarp
Seat Eclat Prototype fat one piece seat
Seatpost Eclat
Front rim Primo 7 Series
Rear rim Alienation Delinquent
Driver/freewheel Primo
Front hub Primo n4
Rear hub Primo Mix The best hub ever produced
Front tire Maxxis DTH
Rear tire Maxxis Grifter
General Info
Model Year 2013
Weight 20 lb 6 oz (9242 g)
Additional Info I love simplicity, i run the Ezra 16 spline cranks because it allows me to install the cranks in minutes, better than 48 spline because alignment is super fast, theyre lighter than most 48 spline cranks as well.I also run dual lower cables as it gives an even pull on the caliper, i use an odyssey slic outer cable as it is my personal favorite as theres almost zero friction and to help this i use two gear cables as they are thinner, so run inside the outer much smoother. For my London mod i took some mild steel and drilled three holes in and then cut it to my desired shape. I find this more effective than an odyssey or snafu london mod as it is lower down and the inner cables have no friction on the outer as they run direct and smooth to the calipers. Also i run the original Primo mix, i find that this hub is much smoother in general than a remix, it runs 4 bearings instead of just 2 in the hubshell, so more bearings means less stress per individual bearing, it wont roll as fast as a remix, but heck who cares, itll last twice as long.
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