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has anyone seen the new green aitken because is it closer to army green or just green.

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yea i got a question isnt ther rounded side of a half link chain supposed to face down?

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mmm fit bikes i ride my stem slammed nd i can manual forever.

Added reply in a thread DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO LACE RIMS?! 6/25/2007 6:51 PM had a video on some dude from empire bout a week ago so go to older posts the picture is like a mag wheel.

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try going faster and out everything u have into it and pratice. for a 3 more speed nd air.

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do they still make them becuz every mailorder says there out of stock and they have been for a pretty long time.

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hey is this nick ventitelli

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aitken s3 vs. metal contender vs. stricker out of these wat would u prefer i cant decide.

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skaters edge is beast

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where r u from ?? around taunton skaters edge=fun

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mike aitken , steve hamilton craziest street lines, chase hawk

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try them laying down on the ground till u get the motion perfect. u should try it on a flyout

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a standard 250-s

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wombolts becuz they are super strong also light plus the spindle on them takes away the wobble common on spline spindle such as profiles andanything like profiles.

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i would go with a fit because there basically a custom

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i'd go with stem because it could save the most weight i would chose an odyssey elementary

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i dont use my brakes only if im bout to some gay woodpusher at the skatepark

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tables push down with ur legs nd wit ur arms thats wat ive learned from vids. Maunals jus pratice finding the balnce spot nd rember to pump. Wallride basically its all about the intial ride on the wall will help u. try x-ups real easy jus keep turnin ... more ยป

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the 18 spoke design on the imperial i very strong and ti is stronger than aluminum but not as strong than chromoly.