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what site can i see a pic of it? danscomp?

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matt beringer is the only one to do a frontfflip off a tramp.

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wat the fuck i cant believe this got so many replies this is one of the most gay post's ive ever seen who the fuck cares how other people wear there fucken pants fashion faggots!!!!!!

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fuck the tricks i like seeing people eat shit hahahahahah barspins r my favorite trick cause u can put a bunch of style into them unlike whips that often look ugly besides i like style more than big tricks and i agree with what most of u gotta say

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wel im suprised nick70s hasnt replied to this saying he thrashes his bike because hes sponsored by fit or somthin and gets free parts hahahaha lmfao i keep my bike in descent condition considering i ride harder on my friends bikes than i do on mine and ... more »

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wtp addict bike thing is sick as fuck

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i had to re-build a friends bike a couple days ago and i went out ridin it real quick to make sher every thing was cool with the bike and i forgot he rode brakeless and there i was doin a 180 off a curb and booooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got hit ... more »

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fly rubens

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is really to hard? im debating wheather i should ride brakeless or not

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i have an aitken s2 and it wieghs 28lbs but theres a faggot ass rich kid that rides in my area with one of those eastern ti frames and claims that his bike is 16lbs but idk cause he wont let anyone touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but ... more »

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same thing happened to me and i just sent it back in but there no way u can fix it

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i got this exact frame in red in almost the exact same condition on ebay for $90 and its a really good frame but ur one who is a bitch about wieght this aint the bike for u cause it WIEGHS 5 LBS 13OZ this bike is a tank and its impossible to break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... more »

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out of wat? dirt? concrete? or wood?

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no cause the ody wheels arent as good as everyone thinks they r i have them and im not impressed considering how much money i paid for em

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glh the new one or a really good cheeap one is an odyssey dirt path plyte i like em cause thats wat i got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yeah get those or get the new primo 7005 rims

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i know i ride my seat low but i was just thinking about it and wondering why so low and other than keeping them low so u can save weigt by shaving the post so ima just ride about 3 inches high to see how it feels

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those r 2 completely different frames its hard to say when there that different and no one knows wat ur gonna be riding but i would go with a sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!