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no hate on Adam, hes a super cool guy, but I'll take my dk team frame over his signature frame thanks. hope your mongoose has been holding up well man, ride on...

Updated bike check Ethan's DK 8/18/2016 9:28 PM
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from what i understand because of dk not getting the income from the department store bikes anymore(they ended their contact with walmart last year if you remember), they couldn't reach an agreement on his pay and canceled his contract... Im pretty sure ... more »

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blahhhhh, maximus bikes, brian griffin(and his son as a bonus), and brayden. oh and I'd bring my friend from highschool who was really good with a camera. somebody's gotta film it.

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hit up Jake Szybowski at the underground cavern dirt jumps. hes the guy to know! tell em Ethan sent ya

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well this kinda sucks jamie bestwick has parted ways with dk bicycles.

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holy necro Batman!

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what no bezanson? well that sucks.

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bump! #Goldpedalsformirra

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Dark Souls. i HATE the toxic blowdart snipers

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yeah the ironcrosses are sweet my friends at dk are hinting they may reissue the iron cross lite. but no confirmation on it yet... i got a profile spline right now. just waiting on my new shadow chain to come before i really run it.

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standard all the way

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Hey Dude, sorry for being so late getting back to you, the new job gives me allot more time to ride my bike so I've been doing more of that then internetting... if your talking about at walmart? Yes. it was a part time thing, in winter the hours sucked,

... more »
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ahhh this was worth reading on my lunch break bahahahahaha.... well back to building treks

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HAHA nicely played guys.... They are a bike shop in NOVA (mine is in leesburg) and they deal in high end road bikes and mountain bikes and kids bikes (specialized and trek) sadly little to no bmx (they have WTP on the website but just some parts) but, ... more »

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I would Like to make AN ANNOUNCEMENT! My Dear BMXers and Dirt jumpers! Flat landers and vert riders, park rats and street urchins freestylers and racers! yesterday was my 3rd year, and last day working as a bike assembler with wal-mart! this ... more »

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the S&M I might be interested in for my buddy jason, But honestly that price is kinda steep for my budget on his build. hes 6ft even

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a 73 year old man won the men's 45 and up at the bluegrass nationals. NOBODY here has any claim to the phrase :To Old For BMX.

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as much as I would love for them to do that, I feel like it would generate allot of bad press for them, trying to make money off of Mirra's death... But I Do think they should throw together some kind of a jam or do a memorial stone or something for ... more »

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RIP Dave.