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the hell is a prohop?

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ur a fuking little faggot and ur mom is a cunt ass slut

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bikes nice

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looks like huh hhaha ...

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hey im 14 and i ride bmx and there no doubt thiat i am better than eric dasilva but i will show u guys great production and i will shout out ur guys clothing i have been bmxing since i waz 7 years old plz call me 928 978 4219

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hey i am looking for a sponsorship

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Leave a comment...

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hey im river im 14 i have been riding bmx freestyle since i waz 7 i have been bmxing for 8 years i am not a pro but i am dang good at it check out my picks and stuff get a hold of me i could really use any type of sponsorship there is i have a dk just ... more ยป

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