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Sick bike

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Damn sick bike! I haven't been here for a while Good to see people still staying motivated

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how do you grind on a bike? like your penis wont touch someones ass because the bars and frontwheels in the way right?

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hahahahahahaa thats my fault =], i had a tree sd sprocket is why =]

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did you get these from jared? if so, These are LEGIT!!! these were mine before jared, and let me tell you, they feel so STURDY!

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no way!!!!!! my friends first bike was also that mirraco, i love that frame

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lmao, one guys video are wayy too darkkkkkk

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dang... i remember when i sold to him, he was legit. he was talking about getting my mac bars for his lil bro

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lololol ruined rep

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keep the red seat its sick and original. dang you should become a bike designer.

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when i used to ride. my secret was to hunch forward a little. let your head be a little forward and yeah make sure to let it be snug on your butt, where theres a little pressure, but not enough to push you forward.

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whats your favorite color on a frame? the hundreds shadow complete bike looks pretty nice huh?

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and both scene guys

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thats sick but sounds like boner roll

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how to suicide no hander

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badass, damn i only watch it on netflix, i just finished watching season 2

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damn, nice bike ; everthing flows

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