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Yeah that Mark three is mine haha, brother and I built it. Little update on the bike though, got my v3 shadow creeper 035s on along with my brand new Kink Human bars. Tomorrow I'm getting profile cranks for free from a coworker and getting those on too, ... more »

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Loving my kink humans so far. 8.75x29

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i think thats enough whoring for me ... more »
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why would you want a stock eastern wheel with hop/wobble and a bend? haah

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haha i got the bike with both crappy wheels, both hoops painted red. swapped out the front now im looking for another rear.

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So i quit riding for a while, picked up this bike about 2 weeks ago. Swapped out a bunch of parts already, more are on their way. Frame : Federal Hamilton 20.5 Forks: Odyssey Race 14mm (waiting to pick up Shadow creeper v3 from my buddy) Bars : S&M

... more »

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straight edge is the way to be man, i wasn't always that way but life is so much better straightedge

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i used to skate, my cousin started riding bikes and i tried out his bike and loved it, being 14 and broke i stared selling stuff and got my first bike used, loved it and kept building it up. traded it and got a better bike. Quit for about 2 years because ... more »

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God i want an e30

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110 psi. fast, firm, and no pinch flats.