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[LINK TO IMAGE] looking for someone in nebraska or close cuz i dont want to ship it, but i will consider it. its bearly ridin, just a few basic scratches. -subrosa pandora 20.75 frame. -shadow creeper lite fork. -animal piffs -dk social cranks -odyssey plastic ... more »

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animals seem alot better cuz they have like little cuts for grip along with pins, odyssey get horrible after the pins are gone

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dude i love it, its nice, and its not cheap at quality.

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anyone make one them self??

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ya thats what i was think about the wider in front for better leveridge in spins.

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wider tirer in the front or in the back?? or just both same?

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thats how i am too but a just fixed that cuz i just started to spin too like 200 instead off 180 and land with my wheel turned and just finish the 360. the only time a i really go the same way is if its a gap or im goint fast.

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dude its not steriotyping say black people steal shit, its fucking true. majority of prisons and jails are filled with black people. its them, they choose up to be thugs and act like they got it bad.

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a proper complete front wheel, or just the magnalite hub. if you do what hub gaurd do you have???

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i need one for my proper magnalite front hub, and one for my premium ultra lite cassette hub which guards should i get???

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med. bars slammed seat big tires 2 pegs brakes sometimes, most of the time

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not as bad as profile there seat clamps is 17 bucksss

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hes dumb. he treated makes it light? internal seat clamp? drop outs are 13.75 slammed haha.
13 is slammed and there call chainstay haha

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its was like some where a little over $1000 idk i think it weighs about 24 1/2 or 25. its a 28.

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finished the

set up on the page..

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thats a fly bike haha get it?? so much fly parts, haha sorry had to say it that is sick though, i dont know how the flat black is going to go with glossy black though

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ok so if a trend is something everyone has/does wouldn't it be a trend to criticize about how people set up or ride they're bike?? really why do people care so damn much, this topic is up all the time.

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yes they do go to the choice bar, it says.... purple/black/purple. it just doesnt have a pic.