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I actually ordered a pair of these tubes last week, and the patch kit.

Thank you Albes, enjoy the $$78.85 Were delivered earlier today, but installed them late. So will ride tomorrow when I get a chance. Inflated to 110 PSI in both ... more »
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My KMC Heavy 410H chain has lasted a long time. I removed all of the stock oil back when I first got it, then sprayed with Finish Line - Dry Teflon chain lube. For maintenance when it collects dirt, I scrub it off with a tough brush. Should seek out ... more »

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Maybe post the serial # of the frame here, if you know it. Someone down the line might google it and learn it was stolen. If your lucky. More bike parts should come serial numbered from the factory, in my opinion.

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Think I know where these are, am within riding distance from the spot. Haven't been there in a long time though. Here is an old picture of the one. Was a super secret

spot. ... more »
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Important to measure and get the right size. Also if you ride pegs they sell extra peg adapters, which are just a set of extra washers.

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I have a pair of Simple wheel slammers, actually paid the $9.99 for them. Makes my wheel and chain easy to work on.

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I would get real upset if my Colony Official cracked on me. So far they haven't, and my bars haven't slipped yet. Wasn't aware that there was debate over this. I just assumed the stronger aluminum was superior when I purchased mine. I also have a set ... more »

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I paid for one of their fully machined brake levers. A number of years ago, it's a very nice part. FlyBikes produces a similar lever these days, called the "Manual" but it's a lesser version of the one I bought. Or at least it costs less than mine. Had ... more »

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How do you like your 30-9 gearing? How does it ride? Just wondering, I ride 25-9, nice bike.

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I got a face full of dirt once, when I flew over my handlebars and landed on my face. Didn't break my nose, but there was blood. Also wasn't wearing a helmet on my head.

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Don't forget bar ends, you could get cookie cut by your bars if you crash. I haven't rode front brakes in ages, but anyways nice bike.

Added a product review for Fly Bikes Cobra Tube 10/27/2017 8:59 AM

Holds Pressure


Added a product review for Colony Official Stem 10/25/2017 3:25 PM
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I believe an old/dirty worn out chain, wears the new sprocket a little quicker. May be the case, but someone correct me if I am wrong. Anyone else out there replace the two at the same time?

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Will you also be getting a new chain? Some people say to replace chains when getting a new sprocket. You may need a chain breaker tool.

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I ride a fat tire in front, and a more narrow one on the rear. Keep both at 110 PSI. Feels okay to me, I prefer dirt.

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I have a fear of part failures, and getting cut badly on the sharp metal edge of the piece. Such as a crank arm or my frame. Have seen pictures of failed cranks and they always look sharp. Broke one bone in my life, and it was because of a failure. At ... more »

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I used This Type of Grease on most of my current bike. The stuff is expensive, and can even be used on Lunar rovers. I use This Other Kind In other areas. I also Teflon grease my brake cable. I leave my bearings alone. If they ever wear out, will just replace with new ... more »

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Hey nice bike, very clean so far. Like the color you chose for the frame. I have a question about brake pads. I also have Evo 2 brakes on my bike. Even have a pair of Kool Stop BMX brake pads, that I used for a while. They were very loud though, so I ... more »

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I used alcohol to install my most recent grips. Slipped on easy, dried with no residue. Waited a day for it to dry. Then there is Grip Glue. I have seen a couple different companies that produce it. ODI Grip Glue for example. Does anyone have experience with ... more »