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Important to measure and get the right size. Also if you ride pegs they sell extra peg adapters, which are just a set of extra washers.

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I have a pair of Simple wheel slammers, actually paid the $9.99 for them. Makes my wheel and chain easy to work on.

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I would get real upset if my Colony Official cracked on me. So far they haven't, and my bars haven't slipped yet. Wasn't aware that there was debate over this. I just assumed the stronger aluminum was superior when I purchased mine. I also have a set ... more »

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I paid for one of their fully machined brake levers. A number of years ago, it's a very nice part. FlyBikes produces a similar lever these days, called the "Manual" but it's a lesser version of the one I bought. Or at least it costs less than mine. Had ... more »

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How do you like your 30-9 gearing? How does it ride? Just wondering, I ride 25-9, nice bike.

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I got a face full of dirt once, when I flew over my handlebars and landed on my face. Didn't break my nose, but there was blood. Also wasn't wearing a helmet on my head.

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Don't forget bar ends, you could get cookie cut by your bars if you crash. I haven't rode front brakes in ages, but anyways nice bike.

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Holds Pressure


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I believe an old/dirty worn out chain, wears the new sprocket a little quicker. May be the case, but someone correct me if I am wrong. Anyone else out there replace the two at the same time?

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Will you also be getting a new chain? Some people say to replace chains when getting a new sprocket. You may need a chain breaker tool.

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I ride a fat tire in front, and a more narrow one on the rear. Keep both at 110 PSI. Feels okay to me, I prefer dirt.

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I have a fear of part failures, and getting cut badly on the sharp metal edge of the piece. Such as a crank arm or my frame. Have seen pictures of failed cranks and they always look sharp. Broke one bone in my life, and it was because of a failure. At ... more »

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I used This Type of Grease on most of my current bike. The stuff is expensive, and can even be used on Lunar rovers. I use This Other Kind In other areas. I also Teflon grease my brake cable. I leave my bearings alone. If they ever wear out, will just replace with new ... more »

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Hey nice bike, very clean so far. Like the color you chose for the frame. I have a question about brake pads. I also have Evo 2 brakes on my bike. Even have a pair of Kool Stop BMX brake pads, that I used for a while. They were very loud though, so I ... more »

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I used alcohol to install my most recent grips. Slipped on easy, dried with no residue. Waited a day for it to dry. Then there is Grip Glue. I have seen a couple different companies that produce it. ODI Grip Glue for example. Does anyone have experience with ... more »

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I love my Colony Official - front load stem. One of my favorite parts on my bike. Sorry for the dirt/dust, will eventually clean it.

... more »
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My old, 2000 - Specialized Fatboy Vegas TJ Lavin. This thing is heavy. Had a lot of fun riding it back then, the weight didn't bother me much.

... more »
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