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A friend of mine wants to trade his 165mm shadow conspiracy killer cranks, for my 170mm demolition revolt cranks. Any opinions on shadow's cranks? im also 5'11". would 165mm be a bad option?

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never mind! got

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can someone tell my how i can re-engage my driver to my Macneil rockford freecoaster? it wont twist back in like it should, and seems rather loose between the bearings.

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this is funny asf

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I'm 5'11" and I ride a 21, I have no complaints but if I had the option, I'd take a 21.15 or 21.25, but 21 is still a great option, especially with a slammed backend... 13in

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my bars are 28.5 inches and I cut them down a quarter inch on each side... 28 would be my preference as I can do bars without hitting my knee or getting close to it

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I got myself a Macneil Rockford freecoaster, and I'm going to lace it to the Colony Pintour double wall rim with a 3X lacing pattern... Can't seem to find the parts on any of those spoke calculator websites... Anyone have an idea of what size spokes

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Is it strong enough to run pegs without bending the axle?

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I recently broke my back hub, and im looking to get a new one, but stronger. I like the fact about getting the 14mm Solid chromoly axle for the profile for strength, but i also want a coaster that wont break with grinding. any thoughts?

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