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hell stallion frame and forks - liam fahy-hampton
teddy bars - mick bayzand
official stem- ryan guetller
bloody oath bars - nick richardson
new usa team rider - justin burns from california, buth e should be on the pro team cuz he shreds

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burns is the man

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she knows better than to slap me, shed get a little actright


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Hey how did you get your icon to move? I'd like todo that with my 180 now.

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8 months, Man ive been riding for 3 years and i still can't do a 180......thats saying something....

thatbmxkid left a comment 3/13/2007 7:40 PM

so how long have you been riding again!!! coz ur really good

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ur really good for a person who's been riding for 8 months. ur crazy.

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