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sup bro

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why dont you just commit suicide instead? you get to save money on tires this way

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dude i just wanted to let u know that eveyrone thinks ur really tough and cool with your knives and gay screamo tattoos and pitbull. im sure nobody even knows that you have a little tiny 4 inch dick. i don't even know how you managed to spawn an offspring ... more »

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Joe Joe Joe is Gay Gay Gay

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you jealous cause your dick is smaller than my crank arm? lmfao

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you crave cock

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lol i didn't know they get internet down there in alabama? why dont you go fuck your cousin out back behind your megachurch and catch a heart attack while you're at it. also i fucked your mother. BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just brought back this 10 year old thread what are you going to do about it u fucking pussy? I rekt your mums holes last nite bitch

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dear diary, today on vitalbmx i learned that plastic pedals hurt more than metal pedals, and that to stop getting shinners you should just shave the pins off your pedals to ride on a flat surface u guys rule

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$337 AUD for a fucking bicycle violation

now I've seen everything. and I thought I lived in an Orwellian shithole ... more »
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full cabs. no clue what the fuck goes on there, cassette or freecoaster.

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i don't really think its that big of a deal. we live in the era of decentralization any kid can record a song or film himself doing a BMX trick and upload it. a lot of it is shit but the I guess the idea is that the general public gets to decide what's ... more »

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when you have a trick dialed one week and then just totally forget it the next and can't even get the gist of it anymore... the fuck is the cause of that? and how do you guys get rid of that?

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bro when i have bad gas it actually helps me land tricks. like when i rip a big fart right as I'm about to pop a hop I feel like it propels me forward and helps me land it. and the added buoyancy of having all that built up gas inside of me makes me ... more »

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duuuuude my heart goes out to you it really does. you have a bronze plan right? Honestly unless you have a gold or platinum plan I don't even think its worth having insurance unless you plan on getting stage 4 cancer or some shit, I don't know what the ... more »

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$25 shipped?

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its all a part of the shadow conspiracy. you have finally taken the red pill. did you know S&M did 9/11?

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from now on the halfcab will be known as the Quarter Pounder. fullcabs are now Quarter Pounder w. Cheese. and 540 cabs will be taxidrivers.

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I'm 6'5 and 275 pounds you cunt I'm fucking JACKED ill wreck any of you cunts that step to me. come get it hot shot, i can bench press 300lb, thats almost as much as pegless' wife