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The bolts on my street rail are totally stripped, and Subrosa told me they do not have any replacement bolt kits. Has anyone run into this problem? Where did you get the replacement bolts? I'm looking on Home Depot but it doesn't look like they have ... more »

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Brand new with packaging. $30 plus shipping Could probably get away with like $5-8 shipping if you are on the east coast. I can do first class or priority mail. These are running like $35 online now, plus I am not charging sales tax

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Started new thread FS: Rare Cult Vans Tires 2.35 (Gum/White Sidewall/Red Race stripe) 3/24/2021 11:32 AM

Got these a while ago but they don't match my bike colorway as well as I had hoped, so I'd rather sell them. They have been installed and ridden once but nothing other than that, 100% tread remains. I think these were from 2017 or something, they are

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I actually have two hawk seats, but they are pretty beat. I can sell them to you for a couple of bucks haha, but IDK what condition you are looking for really. Text me and l'll send you some pics 917 eight 8 5 eight 1 8 seven

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just wear headphones while riding so you cant hear any sounds your bike is making. problem solved.

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um you literally pay TAXES for city infrastructure maintenance. and if its a private property, if they can pay some lazy fat fuck security guard to stand around there all day, then they can pay to have the spot repaired every now and again.

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They also keep moving my peepeepoopoo threads over to non-bmx talk as well. ITS MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO POST WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET YOU COMMIE BASTARDS

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With that setup and being from Montana I already know you got airs like a savage

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You are the fucking man Tom. Tell me when you plan the BMX vacation, I got my Odyssey bag ready. We can shred slammed seats and pegless like the good old days

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i think you need to smoke some weed and then you should be good to go !

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Randy Taylor dropped life

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I have a slim Cult Hemp seat brand new. But IDK if you are interested in the color

Added reply in a thread Drunk driving is not cool Its beyond fu*ked up. (Tom Dugan) 3/15/2021 11:24 AM

He has an instagram post of his bank account - he is literally $1,000,000 in debt. I don't think this guy really gives a shit about anything lol.

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you know whats funny? I know it says its a directional chain on the shadow website, but I looked at mine for a good 5 minutes and the plates are literally identical on both sides. The only difference is the crow logo will be upside down. I even ran it ... more »

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The shadow supreme chain is thick as fuck, it could be compatibility issues. I had a similar problem - guard sprocket would rub, had to find a special sprocket that had extra spacing between the guard and chain.

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ayyy love the nightwold seat + barpad

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Are the Merritt Fosters sold as a pair or do you only have 1?

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I fucking love this. slammed slim seat love <33

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I've been trying to structure my riding this past week - every time I go out I try to either learn a new trick, or do a trick I already know on an obstacle that sketches me out. First portion of the session I spend warming up by flowing around and having ... more »