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sick bike man! the passenger is such a good frame

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mate the trail or park is pretty good ive seen edits where kriss has done 10 ft drops and his spokes snapped before the frame its quite strong he also lands about 5 foot into feebles so the drop outs can take it if you want it buy it

Started new thread how did you learn barspins 11/27/2013 4:02 PM

dont want to know how to, but how did you learn them ?

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WHO LIIVES IN THE CENTRAL COAST IN AUSTRALIA AND WHATS YOUR FAVORATE PARK??? keen over these holidays to progress as much as possible

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im 16 and i really enjoy bmx alot i dont just ride because i have a bike i ride because i love it (and obviosly the die hard bmx riders on this site do too) but i havent progressed as much as i want my mates think im pretty good (but they know 180s and ... more »

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i have a dilemma i can purchase one of these 3 frames - Cult OS V3 21" - BSD Trailorpark 21.1" - Fly Trueno 21" the have similar geometry's the fact is which one???

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have you got fakies 110% dialed because it will help heaps when i learned them you need to always turn your head and on landing crouch down abit and lean back alot to begin with also bunnyhopping and them imediatly after landing start back pedaling will ... more »

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im left foot forward but use my back right foot for footjams i can do footjams and footjam to fakies no bother but its foot jam whips that im struggling with due to my kicking foot being my jam foot any pointers?

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As you've probably seen with all the how tos on YouTube everyone thinks that throwing your bars in the direction of your forward foot is the way to go - if your right foot forward you throw the bars in an anti-clockwise direction - if your left foot ... more »

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what is your favorite trick to do and what is the story of how you came to learn it?

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strictly bmx is awsome !!!!

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