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I'll definitely take both of the seats if no one else does.

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I'll take one!

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Is that Odyssey V3 wheel by any chance LHD?

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I'll take the r25 forks if they are still available on Friday.

Started new thread WTB Alienation Felon rims RED 1/14/2020 7:13 AM

Hey Guys, I'm looking for 2 Alienation Felon rims in RED. I would also take some red Alienation Delinquent rims as well.

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Extremely negotiable on price, someone snag this frame!

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Hey guys, a group of friends and I are going up to Toronto on Saturday September 30th and we are looking for some suggestions of street spots.

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Also, If you would like more pics just send me a text.

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Up for sale is a Standard Transplant Zack Gerber Signature frame in Trans Gold. The Specs are 20.75" TT 75 deg HT 71 deg ST 9.5" Standover 11.8" BB Height 13.6-14" Rear End I bought this frame new from Allegany Skatepark in May of 2016 for $420.00 and

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Ill take #4. If you still have it send me a text 5eight5 4zero3 1nine10

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How much for the bars?

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Mutiny Loosefer Reissue
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I will buy the seat on Friday if you still have it!

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@eclatbmxparts whats your opinnion?

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Solace Build
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Hey guys do you know if the Saltplus Pawls And Springs Kit will fit the Blind hub? Not the pawls, just the springs because the stock Blind spring is a little sketchy

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Hey Karl, You have an awesome style man. One of my favorite video parts was your section in the Shadow DVD Into The Void What can you tell us about the new Profile Z Coaster? Is it similar to a traditional coaster or similar to one of the little to no ... more »