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i was wondering why ross or sexton wasn't mentioned but there's still some heavy hitters in the finals....

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Breed: Miniature Dachshunds (female on left and the male on right) Female: 2 years old (my girlfriends dog) Male: 1 year old (my dog) Female Mods: Bread to chase Mexicans down the street and she practices daily... Male: he's a thief, steals shit constantly...doesn't ... more »

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i also have a Stolen Easy Street FC hub laced to Roulette....looking for a cassette wheel preferrably black...there's pics in my bike check

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brake mounts?

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i don't think anything with pink on it should be referred to as gangster

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everyones going to say sunday....but id get the loosefer

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cutting forks is somewhat of a last resort because you can always add/subtract spacers to dial in your bar height....if you cut your fork your kind of stuck with that height until you buy new forks

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nevermind...its a sig colorway thing with special stickers...released in 07...i stand corrected.

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i'm just curious what a the Vinnie Sammon sig frame is....? last time i checked the only sig frames were the Funday, the Ian Swartz frame, and the red and black sig colorway for Karl Poynter....not to mention Vinnie Sammon isn't on Sunday's Team either ... more »

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02 VW Jetta..... ASA 18's to 225/40 Kumho Ecsta SPTs...H&R springs, FK badgeless grille, debadged rear w/ painted trunk emblem, intake, exhaust, chip, shifter, clutch, BOV, turbo timer, boost's fast [LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE] ... more »

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does not have removable mounts...$50 more you can get a deathtrap that does.

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folding tires have kevlar beads in them, making them have the ability to fold....Kevlar is lighter than steel beaded tires...i really doubt they made them foldable for storage reasons

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if you are going to make dumb statements like that, you shouldn't be writing your own threads....have someone with intelligence proof read things before you post them....because it is a "twenty inch" bmx bike does not mean all bikes in that category

...and stfu
... more »
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The Acacia Strain The Devil Wears Prada The Ghost Inside Parkway Drive Oh, Sleeper Texas In July Through The Eyes of The Dead Atmosphere Dangerdoom Eyedea and Abilities there's a bunch more...

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Nike SBs...more padding than 6.0s

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sunday for the win because it's cheap/light/strong

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make your own decisions...seriously you only post asking for peoples advice on what would look good, or what part is your research like the rest of us do, and choose colors that you like, who fuckin cares what we think....i did my bike red ... more »

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Frame: Kink Lost Dutchman 21" flat red Bars: Odsy Lumberjacks flat red Forks:Odsy Classic Race CS2 Flat black to FSA Impact headset Stem: Profile Flat Black Brakes: Evo 2 w/ medium lever and linear cable Wheels (Freecoaster): Stolen Easy Street 10t laced ... more »

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