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Reply to Chrome Removal? 6/6/2012 1:31 PM

if a polished seat post ruins your "color scheme" you should re evaluate your man hood...it's a seat post.

Reply to Resik: Blue vs Black/Red 6/4/2012 1:28 PM

i ride a black/red bike and actually like the blue one here if these are your options.

Reply to Guerra Update... 6/4/2012 1:04 PM

you know you're right...i just copied my old check, i guess i didn't change the cranks part. good call

Reply to Another craigslist retard 5/30/2012 10:22 AM

betting it's a hill billy, you could probably talk him into giving it to you if you get deep into a NASCAR conversation....

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i have a triad and it's definitely a solid frame. running at about 13.5" rear with a 28/10 i don't know much about the martyr

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i realized that after i posted it. my fault.

Reply to 2 rear Wheels forsale or trade 5/7/2012 1:11 PM

which one do you have left??

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i'll give you $25 shipped for the cranks/spindle/hardware....don't need the pedals.

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i just cancelled my recent order....i'm sorry but for a company to take that long to ship anything is ridiculous. they're destined to fail unless they ship things faster.


Okay, let me think about it over the weekend...didn't really want to unlace wheels :-\ ive done it a dozen times though so let me think about it and i'll let you know. i don't have the GDH axle btw it's the solid 14mm rear with a 10t driver rear and ... more »


are they still laced like this? or just hubs? i have an OG set of polished minis laced to black stolen revolvers. chrome spokes gold nips


WTB: profile crank arms with bolts....don't need spindle...any color but chrome.

Reply to Elementary v3 or the Mutiny Lifted stem 3/5/2012 11:47 AM

i ride a mutiny lifted FL and it's perfect.

Reply to for all those with matching profiles 3/5/2012 11:46 AM


Reply to make a case for your tall/wide ass bars 2/27/2012 9:01 AM

...retarded becasue when i started riding if you had 7.5" bars you were riding high....now there's perfect 10s for god knows what reason.

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i'm 6'-2" i need them....but i haven't owned bars taller than 8.25" everything above that is retarded in my opinion hate if you want.

Reply to In Need Of Assistance 2/27/2012 8:58 AM

try going faster too...just commit

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i did mine with tail light paint from advance autoparts and about 4 coats of clear...works if you want red

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and you're okay with that? the kid is actually down to earth, he's a little goofy, but generally a nice guy. i've ridden with him before and who cares if he rides for the check...you would too if you had a chance.