both go really fast down hills and usually steer around each other.............usually. Yes martz got hit by a car wednsday coming back from the jumps the dude scimmed stens tire and freakin mackd martz luckily his helmet was on and absorbed most of the impact from his nose dive to the middle of the road. bike is pretty dicked but could be worse, he is luckily alright little shookin up up o.k his plastic pedals went thru the dude bumper imagine if they werent plastic. anyway big jam at weis jumps friday(tomorrow) shits goin down everything is close to be hittable 4's is still shatty but eights is coming along and forest and cutters have now been linked better and flow so much better. Billy says everything is to mellow but wut does he know haha just kidding i love that kid. sorry to his gf for almost monster trucking her the other day though oh and who ever filld in the rollers be ware of the wrath of billy there will be freaking 4 of them soon

p.s. join the clear pedal gang or be unkewl..........cause im a gangsta gangsta

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