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im interested. txt me at 413 654 7040.

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If anyone has a 1999 - 2001 Speicalized Hemi pro bmx bike, i would love to buy it. Please send a pic and a price to my e-mail. Thank you.

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how long would you be able to hold it? i love the bike. i want to buy it but it might take a few weeks. Also, how much would i have to pay total? i know you said the bike is 500, but how much will the shipping be? Thanks.

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bump.......................... come on guys!!!

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Lots of stuff wanted.I have a paintball gun with 3 co2 tanks, two pro hoppers, carrying case,2000 paintball balls, and two pro masks. Here is want i'm looking for, Just post want you would want to trade me for this stuff. E-mail is ... more ยป

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would you trade the classic dirt forks and piff bars for a paintball gun and lots of other stuff? e-mail is

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Bangor is in Maine.

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paintball gun and tons of stuff to play the game. 250-275 depending on shipping. can send pics to e-mail. pic is also on my profile.

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no not my bike.

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e-mail is

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pics on my profile. price includes shipping.

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