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i had no idea that danscomp was going through hard times! Also didnt know they cut there entire team too! geez i have shopped at danscomp ever since i started bmx back in the early 2000's back when they had a monthly magazine!! Miss those simple days ... more »

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i rode flatland for 2 years after doing freestyle for about 8 years. I got sick in tired of seeing tailwhips and barspins on every trick. Once i saw Matthias Dandois in 2009 cologne finals (which he won) that inspired me so much! never knew you could

... more »
Started new thread Black Friday Purchases 11/25/2017 8:38 AM

Wondering if anyone has done any black friday shopping for there bmx bikes? I just bought the 1) KHE front wheel that was $185 for $100 on flatlandfuel!! 24 ounces!!! so stoked!! Also bought 2)Odyssey grandstand pc's normal price $20 bukcs What about ... more »

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The new SE cub 20x2.0 tires are great for dirt!!! Really grippy on dirt!! I personally run these front and back!!

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Yes. This is in October. Minneapolis will take place in the summer. Vert is a demo and there is no park event in Sydney.

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Are there going to be two x games in 2018, one in America in the summer than another one internationally? And very is only a demo?!?! Geezz vert is just going down the gutter even more

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I remember way back when danscomp had parts packages which had there "poverty" brand and they aftermarket frames with there parts packages to make a good quality, out of the box build. One that i wanted in there magazine catalog (back when they had those ... more »

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i own a pair of these! The jeans ever!!! So comfortable, stretchy, REALLY breathable and strong!!!

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Added a comment to flatlandbro's bike check 10/24/2017 5:45 PM

Holy crap Vital!! Thank you so much for displaying my bike!!! I literally just put this baby up last week! I am so stoked! Telling my wife, family, and friends about this!!

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Added a comment about video Hawk and Napolitan Ride Woodward: Riviera Maya's Pump Track 10/21/2017 7:10 PM

That pump track be so much fun to ride!

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Dang!!!! He goes big!!! He was pedaling so hard at those quarters!!! Not sure if that was a 720 backflip in the beginning, it was definitely twicked 720 at least!?!

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Added bike check FBM Berserker V1 10/20/2017 9:51 AM
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Beautiful bike!!! Top notch!

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Ok, thanks for letting me that. Hope he gets an invite next year and can make it. I seriously think he can give Garrett a run for his gold medal, lol

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I am 5'10 and at one point I rode the macneil young 2 frame 21.25 top tube and it was perfect with 50 mm stem, 8.25 inch handle bars. Anything below 21 TT is to cramped and I loop out pretty easy too.

Added a comment about video Courage Adams: Concrete Sessions 10/11/2017 6:33 PM

Courage Adams is the best street rider! (ok, maybe right behind Garrett Reynolds) those lines were insane!!!!! No one is doing what Courage is doing. Courage was at x games this past year, surprised he didn't make finals to give Garrett a run for his money. Am I the only one who thinks this kid could beat Garrett?!?!

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Added a comment about feature USA Cycling Speaks for First Time on Freestyle in The Olympics 10/7/2017 9:12 PM

I am excited to hear for once that there will be structure for Current and future athletes in freestyle event in bmx. Wish x-games had a set structure on how up and coming rider's can enter and qualify

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I hate Eastern, bsd, cult and stranger. Eastern: they have in the past 15 years only make tin foil parts that are going to break on you. Cult: they are just popular and charge to much for there generic parts with there name on it. If they had different ... more »

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For me, I rode for three years before I learn to do an x-up in the air off a jump. At that time I could 360's, Varity of grinds regular and opposite, but air tricks were not my thing. I felt so happy once I landed one!!

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I just bought the tsc chain/ chain breaker package from ACEBMX. I was putting on my new chain. Adjusting it, taking links off it. Then maybe my fourth or fifth use of the chain breaker. The handle snaps off!!! What the hell!! Luckily I was basically ... more »

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