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Reply to BEST HUB? 9/3/2009 3:26 PM

primo hubs

Reply to Bike Check want opinions 9/3/2009 3:18 PM

stickers need to go no stickers always makes a bike look way cleaner and get white bars

Reply to anybody 9/3/2009 3:15 PM

alot of people say primo mix hub is one of the best they sound good never heard madera

Reply to eastern 9'er cassette wheel 9/2/2009 4:13 PM

eastern blows don't buy it save up

Reply to An amazing riding video 8/31/2009 9:37 PM

are you per chance sponsered by PTSL?

Reply to Mellow Tone mufflers 8/31/2009 7:47 PM

yeah i order my stuff online so ive never heard of mellow tone but they sound like a good buy so yeah go with them

Reply to An amazing riding video 8/31/2009 7:16 PM

meh u got ur fakies pretty good i gues ur skill depends on how long uve been riding

Reply to Mellow Tone mufflers 8/31/2009 7:08 PM

cobalts are sick alot better than hondas why wouldnt u make it loud u don't want to roll up to a street race and not have a nice sound to ur ride i would recomend the real deal they prob have better sound and they prob last longer ive got magna flows ... more »

Reply to fail 8/30/2009 11:10 PM

sure lets go with that

Reply to how to hop high ? 8/30/2009 10:51 PM

set something up and make it higher and higher

Reply to Color Help... 8/18/2009 12:45 PM

meh i think get white fork then get the matching sunday bars or some noen orange lumberjacks would look sick

Reply to What seat? 8/18/2009 12:42 PM

so buy it

Reply to What Cars Do You Guys Drive? 8/17/2009 8:55 PM

i drive a 79 camaro its seafoam green with matching rims with a hint of rust i have to take my bike half apart to fit it in the back but its a f-ing camaro

Reply to I HATE COPS AND PUSSY SK8ERS!!!!!!!! 8/17/2009 8:51 PM

bsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbs take a pic of ur ticket and where u got hit with a board then i might believe u but prob not

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Reply to What seat? 8/17/2009 8:44 PM

khe seat

Reply to next big trick 8/17/2009 8:39 PM

thats would be sick

Reply to a collection of good vids 8/16/2009 1:12 AM

did u guys watch all of them cause thats alot of vids

Reply to how yo be awsome on ur bike 8/16/2009 1:08 AM

pretty much

Reply to stolen roulette vs. alex supra dome rims!!!! 8/15/2009 9:47 PM

the stolens are way better u never see a stolen as a replacement rim