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Right Handed Right Footed Regular Skateboard Left Foot Forward Spin / Carve to Right Grind on left Throw Bars / hold tbogs with left hand (although that had to be re-learned) Can can with left leg over the frame. It's interesting that what is considered ... more »

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Ok so everyone I know that can spin opposite just seemed to learn it by accident almost or they realised it was almost as easy for them. Any advice for somebody who feels completely unnatural spinning oppo? Like my brain just doesn't compute at all.

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Chris Akrigg? Tbh you don't need a coaster, just change your name to Chris.

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The other girl doing a one handed wheelie on a fixie in the sand is X games skills as well. Is this NASA's recent tests to find out the best way to build the first skatepark on Mars?

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Adam22 at it again.

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Adams crew always come across to me as the kids that hang about on street corners smoking weed while wearing supreme shirts purely because they think they look cooler than everyone else when actually we're all having a good laugh at how stupid they look. ... more »

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Spend the same money on some decent tools. You can learn to fix anything man. The amount of people I've taught to build up bikes and fix bits and pieces on their cars and every single one of them has found it really easy, just intimidating at first. ... more »

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Braved the local for the first time in the Easter holidays. Scooter kids everywhere. Stayed for about half an hour, wiped out a kid, got threatened by his rough as fuck dad and went home. I hate school holidays. I want a top load now after reading that ... more »

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I have a BSD Passenger so I can do them with a cassette just like Kriss.

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Chains and sprockets / drivers tend to wear out at a similar rate. How long have you been running your old chain and driver? Might be that they're both worn out and you just never noticed until now.

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I'd really like to try my Passenger frame but in 20.6. I ride the 21.1 at 5ft 7 as it came up very cheap. Effecticely around 20.8 with the seat stay. I could never do 360s even on my 20"TT Federal Hamilton but it feels harder to get rotations around ... more »

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One of the best feelings is practicing a new trick all day, getting close, slowly getting worse at it, leaving frustrated and then coming back a few days later and landing it almost straight away. I'm sure there's some science behind muscle memory. It's ... more »

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Uniguard is one of the few universal drive side guards. Don't suppose anyone knows of a plastic equivalent?

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I've noticed I get more love from skaters since running plastics. Think of the skaters. Not sure why though they usually grind one ledge, then smoke a doob and sit around for the rest of the day.

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Cool story bro

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Define your mom's budget. ...but seriously what do you ride? What do you like your bike to feel like? Do you prefer something twitchy and easy to spin or do you like to rip round bowls and prefer a stable ride? I'll throw a recommendation out for the ... more »

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Anyone else find they can ride longer with lower pressure? I usually run 70psi but running 50 seems to let me ride comfortably for longer sessions. It's annoying in bowls but sick for jibbing about and landing flat.

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+1 for Venoms. They're plastic but they actually last a while.

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I think it took me about 6 months to get 180s down and I still can't manual for shit after ten years. It's a game of patience. Unless you're one of those scooter kids who just picks up a BMX and does a backflip first t.

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I'm sponsored by breakfast. The most important meal of the day.