About Me

Well, I'm Justin and i love to ride. I will ride anything once. Right now im rockin a kink transition that a spray painted white. Eatin shit is fun, i can never get enough of it but if you fall you gotta get right back up and try again or its pointless. So NeverBackDown from a challenge.

frame: Kink Transition painted white
Forks: Shadow 026 Creeper Lite
headset: Kink integrated
Stem: Shadow Attack TopLoad
Bars/bar ends: Stock
grips: Mosh Eddie Clevelands
Cranks: Stock
Sprocket: Stock
Pedals: Shadow Nostra Sealed
Chain: Stock
Seat: Shadow Eli Platt Slimmer
Seat post: Stock cut to an inch
Clamp: Stock painted pink
Front wheel/ Tire: Rhynolite and a Fly Ruben 2.25 Tire
Rear wheel/ Tire: Rhynolite and a Revenge Fatty 2.10 Tire
Pegs: Shadow Little Ones
Special Modifications: Cut and inch and a half off the bars
rider bio
Name and age: Justin, 18
location: FoMo, Co
years riding: Off and on for about 2
preferred riding: Anything i can have fun with
people you ride with: Mainly a Lone Wolf
spots: Nothing intresting
favorite spot: Bmx track that im tryin to rebuild
favorite person to ride with and why: Myself
favorite bike vid: Metal Dead Bang, Facad as one, or anything really
words of wisdom: Never Back Down from a challenge