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Dammmnnn!!!! Man that's dope. Did you take a torch to the paint?

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I like that you can see all items in order with all color options with out having to click each item to see all the options. It certainly is not an appealing website tho, and the first time I navigated it I got pissed off immediately and swore to never ... more »

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If so hit me up, let's shred!

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What's up everyone, my name is frank, I'm from Lake charles louisiana, im 31, been riding since i was 9. First bike was a db viper. I'm one of like 4 bmx riders in my area, I mostly ride with my kids tryin to teach them what few tricks I know lol. I ... more »

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Rite! That's along the lines of what I was thinkin lol

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What's all the roar about post count? I saw someone mention x amount of post equals a set of rims? If this is the case I will be posting all day!

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I had a similar problem once when I used to heavy of a spray grease on my chain, I put some automatic Trans fluid on the chain and it made a world of difference. Also is your sprocket aligned with your rear wheel driver?

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I wear a size 16 and the only shoes I can find are dc or some crap like Jordan basketball shoes, I obviously snatched any dc that I can but I keep having the problem of slamming my heel when I crash and bruises the shit out of my heel to the point that ... more »

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I can say as far as the length goes..... I'm 6'3" and I have a 20.6" kink solace that is way too small for me and a 21" fly proton complete which is turning out to be junk I'm but it also is borderline too small for me.

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I would love to get the bsd passenger

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The rims on the proton are garbage man, I just bought the 2015 model proton that comes decked out with trebol parts and I rode the bike for a few weeks with no pegs to get used to it, I love it immediately. So today I got some free time to ride and put

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