What is your favorite type of riding and why?

as long as im on my bike im happy

What’s your favorite spot and why?

Easy 7 clos/easy/free

What trick that haunts you?

not sure

What is your dream spot?

this downtown houston spot. too bad bikes arent allowed

Who are your favorite riders?

van homan/jj palmere/morgan wayde

What’s your favorite BMX video?

E.T. the extra terestrial

When I’m not riding, I like to:

chill with friends

Bands I’m into:

lots. favorites are john mayer and zz top

Girls think I am:

just some ugly biker

My parents think BMX is:

good for me

What is something you would change about BMX?

that insurance companies would cover us so people
like aitken and murray dont get screwed

Do you shoot photos or video? If yes, why?

not really yet

What keeps you doing your old tricks?

the fact that they are still there

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