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Reply to Bunny Hop Help! 6/28/2010 7:15 PM

dont lean forward, keep your weight centered, and tuck your legs while pushing forward on the bars

Reply to how do i double peg stall if im right foot foward but turn to the left? 6/27/2010 11:25 PM

or just get more pegs... this is really a stupid question.

Reply to Easy way to work on manuals 6/24/2010 12:34 AM

lol. ive busted ass so many times looping out. but then again, i suck at manuals. haha

Reply to removable brake mounts=( 6/23/2010 12:00 PM

if you want to keep them removable, get the blue loctite... but if you want em there for good, use red.

Reply to left side drivetrain 6/22/2010 9:46 PM

hardest part would be to get a wheel with left side drive... other than that, you would really just have to reverse your cranks and sprocket and chain to the other side

Reply to any texas riders? 6/21/2010 8:34 PM

if i had my license, and skill, id be down to head up to san an and shoot some clips!

Reply to Pull up front wheel for pro bunny hop help! 6/20/2010 7:24 PM

im english now?

Reply to Double Peg Stalls on quarterpipe's 6/15/2010 7:33 PM

just roll up the ramp like your gonna air out , but dont actually air out, just kinda lean into it, but make sure that your pegs are above the lip

Reply to HOW TO FAKIE!!! 6/15/2010 7:25 PM

this way is better, because you dont have to find the pedals again. you just lean... this helps to learn so much.. of course, i did learn by doing footjams. haha

Reply to Pull up front wheel for pro bunny hop help! 6/15/2010 7:23 PM

pull up and once the bars are where you want em, push forward... i had the same problem, till i was told to push forward.. now i can hop like a pro

Reply to Spring/tomball Texas anyone???? 1/23/2010 8:49 PM

where the hell is that?

Reply to pumped. stoked. rad. gnartical. 1/22/2010 1:43 PM

haha. i either have to buy one or build one at school. i think ill buy one. idk why, but my brother only had one....

Reply to Harvester 1/20/2010 4:00 PM

get the harvester. leave the paint, but do like neon orange over the top. so if you get chips in the paint the blue shows through. my friend did it with purple under orange aand it was so sick

Reply to bmx is my personal identity 1/20/2010 3:38 PM

yeah i keep it pretty hush for the most part, but people know anyway. just my friends. i know of a few riders in my school, but they're rich weight whores so i dont really talk to em

Reply to when your bored you..... 1/20/2010 3:34 PM

yo howd you do it? im thinkin bout just destroyin my old seat and makin green cheetah print. haha i have it lyin around.

Reply to Damn i need serious help with 180s please! 1/20/2010 3:31 PM

truth. i learned em on the flybox at ez. just takes time. but i also found that helps is doing 180s on the quarter, just flow like that for a while, maybe some disasters thrown in, and you get the motion down. then just take it to the streets. my only ... more »

Reply to YOUR BMX DREAM? 1/20/2010 2:20 PM

i just wanna make a difference to little kids and show em that theres more than just football and baseball. i also wanna take a year to just ride the world. ride the coolest spots around the world dont need to go pro, i just wanna have fun with it and ... more »

Reply to hub problem 1/20/2010 2:12 PM

yeah, mine is fallin apart. like real talk. haha

Reply to hub problem 1/19/2010 6:23 PM

hey are you gr@nts friend that has the seat? haha i can get some locktite for you to borrow at ez if you want

Reply to Derogatory Terms 1/19/2010 6:21 PM

haha, well my local park is next to the bayou, just toss his board in and watch his ass try swimmin in sewage to get his shit back.