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Reply to Daan Van Wezel seriously injured? 3/28/2018 4:37 PM

Yes I am talking about that crash. Seriously sickening. You don’t see someone take a hit to the head and neck like that and live.

Reply to Daan Van Wezel seriously injured? 3/28/2018 3:06 PM

Never mind, I just realized the date on the post was march 26 2016 ( I was mistaken in thinking it had just happened two days ago). He must be OK because he has posts from this year riding

Reply to Worst Tricks 12/23/2017 11:13 AM

I love me some crankflips. They’re fun and look cool to me (and I’m primarily a flow/trails rider). I think an invert can look really bad when the rider just lets his feet blow off the bike completely and stick out all cross legged. Need more people ... more »

Reply to Most hated part on a bmx 3/16/2017 4:24 PM

I wish I was better at fixing loose spokes in the correct way and truing a wheel. I usually just tighten the spoke until it feels not-loose, but I'm no wheel builder

Reply to new wheel set im ordering 1/30/2012 12:24 PM

ok the shops will sell you just about anything. Don't think youre gonna reinvent the wheel. build list profile hubs straight 14 spokes brass nipples for sure in rear. fronts you can run alloys alienation deviant front and runaway rear or Demolition Zeros ... more »

Reply to any competitions or games on vital? 12/30/2011 9:33 PM

I have the first entry. Check the photos page for my moto whip in the sunset

Reply to One fancy bicycle. 4/20/2011 1:32 PM

that is one sweet bike.

Reply to wanted:lhd trade for freecoaster 4/14/2011 10:12 AM

i've got a reverse lhd freecoaster for sale. on a camo ryno lite rim with no hops or wobbles.

Reply to brakes 9/20/2010 4:33 PM

Reply to brakes 9/20/2010 4:33 PM

usually pads have two set of pivoting washers. use the smaller set on the inside of the arm, towards the rim and the larger stack on the outside. Another adjustment that may help is to make sure that your saddle cable is the proper length. If the saddle ... more »

Reply to Total nub question here... 1/27/2010 10:23 AM

ride em till you don't like em then replace the hoops. you'll probably wanna change anyhow. I ride dirt so clean bike or brake pads happens but just not often enough.

Reply to Cardona 20.75 1/2/2010 1:32 PM

your bike looks solid. don't give up the best bike in the market for the flavor of the month. reinvent yourself and make your riding new, keep the bike and believe! looks good to me

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Like the guy before Kyle Carlson? that's a pretty sketchy avatar

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ok, so what's up with the fat chick in your picture?

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Actually, you can drink caffeine and date when you're 16. Besides that, Mormons live all over the world, not just the US. You can't tell a Mormon apart from anyone else besides the fact that they aren't drinking or taking drugs.

Reply to frame? 9/23/2009 8:49 PM

don't ride a bike just for the bottom bracket. You gotta get the whole frame. Pick a bike with a great tube set, geometry and solid company to back it, just incase it fails. If you don't "dk disaster" will be replaced by some "cheep frame disaster". ... more »

Reply to UTAH 801 9/12/2009 10:20 AM

A new line of smaller three to four foot style jumps with progressive gaps is going in between the standard lines and the pump track. I'm sure they'll get rode! Not everyone likes the big big stuff and tables get old if you've got a taste for GAP. They'll ... more »

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yeah vegas is pretty good and fast

Reply to TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK 9/11/2009 9:59 PM

THanks man