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I have a 2015 Verde Eon that im looking to get rid of (Im not selling it on here so dont flame me for putting this in the "wrong section" just need help) It is mostly stock except for the following changes - Black S&M Fu Bars 9" Rise (cut down to

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So about 3 weeks ago i made a trip to RaysMTB in Cleveland. I am very inexperienced with box jumps so I expected to crash. I hit the jump, landed awkwardly and fell forward and my ribs hit the lip of the next jump right on the corner. The pain was extremely ... more »

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My cousin has Diabetes. Hes 15 years old and he has never had an issue with riding and his blood sugar. If you are still skeptical just make sure you check your blood sugar more often just to keep an eye on things

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Ive heard of a lot of people going to a mattress shop and asking if they have any old mattress' that they are throwing out, usually they will give them to you for free or for a low price

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I cant tell if its a 12 year old thats clueless, or a pesky internet troll ?

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Ill try to make it, I live 1 hour out from Cleveland so maybe see you guys there

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For certain things as well you want good internet speed. Uploading to YouTube or Vimeo could take hours if its over a 5 minute video. Good internet speeds for uploading you would want atleast 20 download speed and 5 upload. 10 upload speed is even more ... more »

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I dont get money often. Especially a "few hundred bucks" I get a hundred bucks around birthday and christmas and thats it. Saving enough to get a frame or bike would take years. And thats a waste

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Im 6"2 and thats what i was thinking around 9.5 or so. Thanks for the suggestion

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So i have around 100$ left over from Christmas and im stuck on what I should buy. Im thinking about getting bars but with 100$ what will change my geometry up the best (cant get a frame) SO are bars my best option? My current setup im too hunched forward ... more »

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Harry Main of everything**

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No, thats incorrect. I was content with the answers and opinions I got and did not feel the need to keep the post up. No need to be rude for me having my own opinion about a subject. Everyone has their own opinion, remember that

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Yo man, Im from Northeast Ohio too! And for bikes, the better companies for completes are Fit, Cult, Subrosa, Stranger, WeThePeople, and Colony. Those are the better options for completes, Now if you want to build a bike. That could usually cost anywhere ... more »

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So with my current setup (2015 Verde Eon) I am not really that comfortable on the bike. It makes my back hurt because I feel like I'm always leaned forward on the bike. The bars are 8.65 which I want to get 9.5..but I had questions on frame dimensions? ... more »

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Started new thread Need Help With 360s 10/22/2015 4:57 PM

Hey guys. I recently started trying 360s and am having a little bit of trouble. I get to about 270 and cant get the full rotation. I know one of my problems is that im not tucking my back end up at all. But I was wondering if you guys had any other tips ... more »

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It looks like you're not tucking up at all. At around 180ish try to tuck the bike up

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This is my 2015 Verde Eon, Basically everythings stock except tires grips, and back wheel lol So yeah, Verde isnt too specific on their parts on their website so all I can say is "2015 Eon stock parts for everything" But heres what has changed Front

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Within the next few months im gonna build up a new whip. I just wanted some colorway ideas, heres a few i came up with so far. Would love to hear your guys ideas as well as opinions on mine so far

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Okay, So I know bar height and geometry of bars is all preference but I want your guys opinions. Im 6 foot 2 and i currently ride 8.65 rise bars, they suck dick tbh. Im looking at getting some 4 piece bars. Im trying to decide if I want 9" or 9.4". Im ... more »

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