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When I was 6 my mum bought me a Raleigh Mini Burner for Christmas (1983). I LOVED that bike! It had a coaster brake and I went through tyres like they were going out of fashion. My step dad got sick of forking out for replacements and had it deactivated ... more »

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Same here.

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I replace consumables as and when they die and have a wishlist as long as my arm full of things I plan to buy when I have some spare cash (I'm still waiting...)

Updated bike check Ruption TX5 (1996) 11/7/2019 9:42 AM
Updated bike check Haro Midway (2018) 11/7/2019 9:40 AM
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Snapped another chain. In the pissing rain. (Knee meets stem. So much pain)

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Our Mazda3, with half the split back seat down, fits our bikes (a 20, a 24, a 16 (stacked)) + 1 full size human in the back. We did get a rear rack but it's a proper ball-ache. I'd rather just chuck em in the back and go go go.

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Snapped the chain on my way home from work

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Primo V-monsters so far

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Remembering to 'pre-load' the hop with a solid push down before pulling up made a difference for me. A little over 2 feet atm

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Ditto, mate! 41 and loving being back on a bmx. Not loving the typically BS British weather right now though. Ride on!

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I get that completely. But to reiterate what these guys have said; get a bike, get a helmet and get out there and enjoy yourself. You won't regret it.

I started riding again 2yrs ago at 39, feel out of place at parks so I ride street, no mates ... more »
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My Mrs has a 24 and my son a 16. Love riding with them to new places. Off to Whitby this weekend.

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My 6yr old's 16" Haro Shredder came with front brake, rear brake AND coaster brake. I removed the coaster brake though.

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I've ordered from them quite a few times (including my latest complete) . No problems so far. But I'm in the UK so shipping was fast and free.

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I curate my BMX news feed/s using the equivalent of RSS apps (aggregators?). Showing my age now - haha Lately I've been using Feedly (the free version - because screw their insane subscription fees) but there are many others to choose from. This approach ... more »

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Kind of mixed handed (LH for drawing, pool, using a mouse - RH for the fun things like throwing bars, guitar, eating and the obvious

) Right foot forward Carve both (no spinning yet but will be left) Grind Left Skated left foot back Kick things ... more »
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Nice one, mate! I'm definitely up for that! Likewise, if I'm ever over your way I'll drop you a line.