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Kind of mixed handed (LH for drawing, pool, using a mouse - RH for the fun things like throwing bars, guitar, eating and the obvious

) Right foot forward Carve both (no spinning yet but will be left) Grind Left Skated left foot back Kick things ... more »
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Nice one, mate! I'm definitely up for that! Likewise, if I'm ever over your way I'll drop you a line.

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Looking at the seat post, back end and those pegs it does look a lot like a mid/late 90s Ruption, similar to my shonky old TX5 (see my bike check)

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Hey! I'm in south Leeds. How about you?

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Hi! I'm Lloyd. 41. Former skater originally from London, now living 'Up Norf'. Always had bikes (never had a driving license). Been riding BMX for the last 18 months to 2 years with my, now 6yr old, son and we're out here loving it. I ride 80% street ... more »

Updated bike check Ruption TX5 (1996) 5/20/2019 3:30 AM
Ruption TX5 (1996)
Updated bike check Haro Midway (2018) 5/20/2019 3:28 AM
Haro Midway (2018)
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I found this really useful when removing my son's coaster brake a couple of weekends ago. He's now the proud owner of a freecoaster. It's simper than I thought it would be and took <20 mins, start to finish.

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Ruption TX5 (1996)
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Haro Midway (2018)