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dans comp is still free yo! bet albes is too probably.

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why is a cassette better? especially a 16 tooth cassette? i honestly would really like to know some actual facts, not opinions. not sure if your right, b ut they are easier to work on, besides that, they do exactly the same thing, and youd never know ... more »

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should slide right off. if its on real tight something isnt right.

Started new thread which frame is more responsive? 2/20/2020 2:59 AM

I'm riding a stranger nomad right now that has, 21" tt, 13.5 cs, 11.5bb I really don't care for the low bb, and the top tube is a little long for me. 13.5 in back is nice, but with the low bb, feels longer. thinking about switching back to my sunday ... more »

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looks like a motomag

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looks like some stock frame. theyre all made in the same place anyway. pretty sure its nothing special. you may never know lol. sorry no idea.

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i like it, except the bars. im sorry but those bars are hideous. what are they anyway?

Started new thread is volume dying? 2/18/2020 3:13 AM

i was checking out their site today and they really dont have a whole lot going on right now. 2 pro riders? lol anyone know whats up with them?

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most often not hard anodized. maybe sunday and odyssey stuff, but no one else is doing it.

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mongoose menace was my first bmx, bck in like 96. i love that bike. do it up man. thats way before mongoose was bought out by walmart. this is when mongoose was the sunday of today. top of the line. got pics?

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thought this looked familiar...

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buy a used setup. then you can get all aftermarket parts for half the price. I wouldn't waste any money on stock parts, that are gonna get replaced. frame first.

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I like my bsd acid forks a lot. they are super solid and have kinda an oversized mid-school vibe going on. 30mm offset is perfect too.

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i hope that was sarcasm, about the military trying to improve the world. maybe for some rich elites, but it aint us lol.

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the unkown fit

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will work with 44t, and anything smaller i would assume. i think they are actually pretty cool. haro been doing this for 4-5 years now though..

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i dont think stem legnth matters at all. anytime ive ever hit my stem with my knee, its the back of the stem you hit, not the front. shouldnt matter at all unless your hitting the top of your bars. funny how everyone runs long stems with steep head tube ... more »

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you cant race with reflectors? why? seriously, why? lol

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if you use all 187 instead of 188, you and no one else will ever notice. cant beleive everything you read on the internet though

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this guys in love with me i swear. cant get me outa his head. feels like im back in school. hate to say it buddy, but i dont feel the same way as you, i like girls. funny since i took you for a gay basher and not actually gay. damn i must be cooler than ... more »