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Reply to Which Custom Frame Builder 8/7/2018 6:19 PM

I saw complaints about PDC a ways up, and thought I'd counter with some good experience. A friend of mine managed to kink the downtube on one of Dave's frames by nose casing a 30' double (at Jeremy Ball's spot). Dave's welds survived the wreck unscathed, ... more »

Reply to Are you a weight wh@$e? 6/7/2018 8:42 AM

I used to buy really light stuff. At one point my bike was down to ~22 lbs, but it started to feel super sketchy in the air. I started swapping in heavier parts when I noticed that my brother's stock complete somehow felt better through the rhythms at ... more »

Reply to Front wheel axle size 6/14/2016 10:17 AM

3/8 is definitely still noticably bigger than a pencil so be careful with that check. Just measure. It will either be 3/8 inch (most likely) or 14mm, which is a little bigger than 1/2 inch (not likely unless your forks are 10 years old.)

Reply to Finally decided to put a helmet on 6/14/2016 10:12 AM

I've been riding a segment for a while now and it's great. Sits lower than any other helmet I've ridden, especially if you take the top pad out.

Reply to Do danscomp complete bikes come built? 5/31/2016 10:00 AM

This^ In my experience the brakes have been all set up. Pretty much just wheels, pedals, and bars to do yourself.

Reply to Normal weight? 5/31/2016 9:49 AM

When I had no brakes and light weight tires my bike was just a hair over 20 lbs, but I have to say I was not a fan of having it that light. It didn't ride very well and felt super loose and twitchy in the air. I've since switched to heavier rims and ... more »

Reply to Cam Wood II - Trails Build. (Updates & Pictures) 5/31/2016 9:23 AM

New wheelset built up, and reinstalled stoppers. Ready to roast!
Reply to bmx rider 5/24/2016 10:26 AM

I can't recognize anyone without their bike haha.

Reply to light rims! 5/24/2016 10:16 AM

I'd second the recommendations for Odyssey Aerospace or G-Sport's. Though you're not gonna do a whole lot better than the Hazards, at least for a back rim. You could definitely put something lighter on the front, but keep in mind a lot of lighter weight ... more »

Reply to Cam Wood II - Trails Build. (Updates & Pictures) 5/23/2016 2:44 PM

Here's a picture finally!

No breaks right now. I'll probably put them back on once I get the new wheels laced up this weekend.
Reply to Cam Wood II - Trails Build. (Updates & Pictures) 5/21/2016 10:35 AM

That's odd, I've had them for a few years and no problem with that. One of my spindles is a little bent though. @grumpySteve your bike check was actually the inspiration for rawing mine. Really liking it!

Reply to Built a ramp today (got it hit) 5/19/2016 11:06 AM

Sick ramp! Take that thing out and huck onto some roofs! I rescued this one when a local skate park got shut down. Haven't gotten to play with it much yet since I don't really have a landing for it, but hopefully I'll get to take it out this summer.

... more »
Reply to S&M Cam Wood V2 (new pic 02/14/16) 5/5/2016 2:59 PM

Nice ride man. I've got that same frame in the trans blue! I've been wanting to do a new paint job since the clear coat is dying, but I'm kinda tempted to go raw now... What do you use to strip your parts?

Reply to Parts list for trails wheel set. Thoughts? 5/5/2016 1:27 PM

Wow fail on my part! I didn't notice the throwback section. Thanks for the tip I just ordered a pair!

Reply to Look what my friend did 5/5/2016 11:51 AM

I really need to pick up some Odyssey forks before my v1 Shivs kill me...

Reply to Parts list for trails wheel set. Thoughts? 5/4/2016 8:22 PM

What? where?? Are you trolling me? I don't see any rims in their store..

Reply to Parts list for trails wheel set. Thoughts? 5/4/2016 12:15 PM

I think I'll probably upgrade the rims to an Odyssey Aerospace and a Hazard Lite. G-Sports would be awesome, but I can't justify paying $90 each.

Reply to Parts list for trails wheel set. Thoughts? 5/3/2016 6:56 PM

If you want to build a trails bike look into Deluxe BMX if you haven't already. Their stuff is built specifically for just that. I'm hoping to get one of their frames one day. Those Stance rims look sweet. I'm suddenly tempted... I don't see why you ... more »

Reply to Elevenz Barspin 5/3/2016 9:59 AM

Your bike will also suddenly sprout four pegs, a giro, front brakes, and a squishy seat the size of an office chair

Reply to 2011 Vital BMX Audience Survey Results 9/23/2011 3:29 PM won shoes, and how could cult beat S&M for frames