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You found it! Thanks man. I really want to try and get my hands on one of these and see how it rides.

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Odyssey Evo II Brakes with Flybikes pads - $25 They're a bit beat up, but work fine. Includes what's pictured: arms, pads, springs, topcaps, hanger, no straddle cable. Photo: 15t ACS CrossFire Freewheel - $10 ... more »

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That's about as long as KHE tires ever lasted for me anyways! Like others have said, you're probably fine. Put a new tube in and see what happens. If it bulges, fold a dollar bill in half and stick it between the tube and that spot on the tire.

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A couple of other people have mentioned this, but make sure the seat post is cut as short as possible. If you're running it slammed, you only need a couple of inches in the frame. Eventually, replacing that with a slim pivotal or tripod seat and post ... more »

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I grew up in the same town as Brett Banaseiwitz so I met him a few times. Very impressive rider before he got hurt, though not really someone if hang out with. I've run into Jeremy Ball a few times. I know he might not technically be "pro" (he's also ... more »

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Does anyone remember macneal making a super slack (like 73 degree head angle) trails frame? I've been trying to figure what it was for a while now but can't find it. I think it was from like ~2010ish.

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My name's Gibson, I'm 24, currently residing in Johnson City TN. I've been riding steadily for pretty much my entire life. I mostly like building and riding trails, but will ride skateparks and even street from time to time. Currently working on a dirt ... more »

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Wow those do look nice! Couldn't tell you who built them though. It looks like someone has been working there pretty recently so make sure you're taking care of things. Water before you ride if stuff is dry and retarp when you're done. If you ever meet ... more »

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For anyone around Johnson City, I've been working on getting the dirt jump line at ETSU running again. I had the first two sets rolling last summer, and should have those going again as soon as I get some rain. Hoping to get the berm and another hip ... more »

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I don't come out of the woods too often so I forget how unusual my setup is. No pegs, brakes, nobby front tyre and a rear tire that fits in those brakes, old school geo (74°ha, >14" rear end), slammed seat (and a railed seat at that!), metal pedals. ... more »

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The new credence frames have a hole through the seat tube so that you can run the straight cable right through it to achieve something like that without the extra friction of making a full x.

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I can definitely attest to BMX transferring to MTB. I've always ridden some MTB (originally on a BMX bike!), but the first time I got to ride a real full suspension bike on some of the nasty descents in Pisgah National Forest, it immediately clicked. ... more »