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Just take out a pin and readjust the chain. It takes less than 5 minutes. I'm having a difficult time liking you.

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Sounds like the problem started when you inflated the tube.

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More media/internet exposure, same amount of local shops.

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Flat black. It will look good with other colored sidewalls.

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The engagement in the back is the problem take apart your fc and see the problem

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Could try using alcohol and pour it down the inside, then wiggle the grip around so it slides. I'd assume you wouldn't want any holes poked in the grip.

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Grind the ledge!

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Still ride the original front wheel?

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Good for dirt


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What psi do you guys ride for trails?

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Consider what you would be happier with upgrading parts for.

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Check your chain tension, it may be too tight. Some people say to have good slack in your chain but I disagree. I have mine tight as a coochie so that my engagement is instant. I think those people just want you to be like them. But your chain might ... more »

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One thing I don't do before riding is sugar.

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I did. Shipping the cranks was the last thing I could do.

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I bought $200 Eclat Maverick cranks off "Oriol Bike Shop's" online store. I blew out a pedal on my first session. I emailed Oriol pics and they said I would contact the distributor. So I did. Then I emailed "Bryanth M." of Oriol a few days later and

... more »

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Notice how the sides of your stem are casted thin to save weight. This shape makes that area weaker than if it were just flat. But all in all I believe that is just a low quality stem.

This cracked on me but still held in place. I was riding ... more »
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