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i think if u want speed u really shuld hop in its not hard wen i learded i mite hav litteraly dropped and im sure u wont flip over

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you must luv ur bike to give it a penis for a seat tongue jks

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My Ride Shawwtyy

if u grind get sum tree trick sticks and a new seat post to shave weight

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Fit Key Logo Grips Grips



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my friend got the subrosa letum and its amazing the only thing i dont like is the small bars and everything subrosa doesnt make its shadow but if u hav money go 4 the pandora pro

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I want to paint my frame but im not to sure wat to do to get a good result and wat do u think wuld be ballin colors???

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everytime i go on page two on any topic in the products page it goes to page 2 on complete bikes. Whats up wit


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