Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels

A new line of carbon-aluminum wheels from Campagnolo officially called “Campagnolo Carbon-Aluminum Aerodynamic Bullet Wheels” features an aerodynamic wheelset, which is most definitely a sign of bigger things to come next year.

The new set of wheels called the “Bullet” series utilizes a 2-Way Fit system over their new carbon rim with an aluminum brake track.

The wheels themselves get a visually striking new look, which features a super slick and slim rim profile that was added in to increase the low pressure section at the back of the tire. The new design was also integral in minimizing the high pressure zone located in the front of the wheel. Cleverly using aerodynamics to their advantage, the new wheels from Campagnolo, the wheels get pushed with less friction and resistance and even reduces the turbulence.

To help thin the wheel’s rims, Campagnolo also introduces the new “Direction Rim Spoke Coupling” to the design, effectively cutting the need for reinforced segments in the rim that could add to the overall weight and girth while at the same time reduce the stress on the spoke.

The addition of the 2-Way Fit system also means that the rims on the tires have no spoke holes to speak of. The removal of this particular part means that the rider will be running on tubeless tires by simply placing sealants. According to Campagnolo, the new wheels can be bought in two versions, one will be called the Bullet Ultra and the Bullet each having their own depth.

For the more professional users, there will be a cyclocross specific version with an added crankset to boot.

The Bullet Ultra will be offered in 50 mm, 80 mm and 105 mm depths and have two rim options: standard clincher or 2-Way Fit tubeless. It’ll also have three different ball bearing options: standard, USB or their range topping CULT ceramics. Lastly, in case those don’t give you enough options, you can choose between their Bright Label or Dark Label look. The Bullet Ultra 50mm will also be available in a CX option with a special double crankset with better bottom bracket bearing seals. The Ultra wheels also get a lighter aluminum axle.

The Bullet in the meantime will be available in Bright label decor and standard clincher form only. Riders, however, will be able to opt to get either the Standard or the USB bearings.

The good news, however, is that both versions of the wheels will be using a 20.5mm wide rim as well as a Campy or Shimano branded freehub and will also sport a straight pull, double butted, bladed spokes. All front wheels will have 16 spokes while the rear wheels will be carrying a unique G3 lacing pattern with either a 6- or a 7- depending on the rim depth.

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