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High-ish PSI (75-100) right foot forward Pegless Brakeless only foot brake in back wheel with middle of shoe(because you dont really need that part, but I prefer to use grass to slow me down or skidds when riding park I only feel smooth if I land perfect( ... more »

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this but my personal preference would be anything but sunday

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THISS!!!!! ^^^^^ I'll always get sick of bmx, like I have owned a bmx since late september 2011 but I have only really been ridng for 6 months because I will stop riding for 1-3 months at a time...mainly because I am strong on progression and if I'm ... more »

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those trails are soo nice!, madd edit too

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the best speed would be the speed you are most comfortable fakieing so like a light jogging pace. and you dont need to hop any higher then 1ft.. I personally find it easier to hop kinda low and spin faster... but yea hop a decent height but not like ... more »

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the other day some random rocked up at my local with a home job rainbow spray painted bike(everything), and the back wheel was so buckled that it rubed on each side of the chainstay, it looked and sounded nasty ahah

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I learnt barspins with a slammed seat, so when ever I rase my seat they feel weird and, your bike looks cleaner(not why I run my seat slammed) and really on a bmx bike other then barspins what do you need you seat raised for?

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there is nothing better then learning a bunch of new shit at the skate park or trails

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carve like a boss, hop like a boss, tuck up like a boss, spin like a boss, land like a boss,, and roll a way like a mother fucking boss..

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I have a BSD sprocket and seat, and they are the best seat/sprocket I have ever ridden, I would defiantly recommend them

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I've never put my foot on my cranks for barspins, I often land on my cranks but thats it. how close can you get to landing a barspin?

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I run a 2.3 in the front and a 2.1 in the back, and so far it feels the best, for me... but technically if you have wider tires you will be slower but more balanced, because of weight and friction, but because of the wider surface area you may have more ... more »

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BSD Superlite 3D Sprocket

Great srpocket


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put your front foot on first.. just spor the closest pedal and stick you foot on and since you seem to always get you back foot on you should be able to get it

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Guerra Martyr Frame
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I dont even like street, and I like the idea

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the triad came off sale but I ended up getting the guerra martyr frame instead =) and it is getting prepared to ship , it looks good =)