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So just like many riders on here, ive tried all sorts of toptube lengths, bar height, stem height, stem length combos, crank length etc.  It may not be the same for everybody but I am in my mid 30s so back pain and flexibillity issues tend to pop up.  ... more »

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I agree! I have had so many frames over the years, 13.8 to 14.5 takes the cake! And more people should try a low bb! 11.35 for the win!

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Yes, i would only buy fly stuff on sale. They drop frame prices significantly on their website. I had never paid full price when I was younger bc I worked for a dealer of QBP products. The Aire, even if i did pay full, I didn't care bc i was supporting ... more »

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Yes i hear ya. I dug them when i was younger. They were innovative for sure. I wonder if that has something to do with the lack of innovation. They would put out products not seemingly to care if it became industry standard. They obv cared but it had ... more »

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Mhmm he was really good with brakes, i wish I still had it.

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Ya that was such a good time in BMX. I always get confused on the bars, He rode Moe's bars in late 97, 98ish i think when he still rode for Primo, just prior to the interview. Probably before Maddog bars could be manufactured in 98. But now their reissue ... more »

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Yes Tip Plus was the US distro. Seventies/Backyard was the Euro, eventually Ian Morris left and started 4down. The dinosaur and division were similar, but the division had big gussets, the dinosaur was gussetless. They were copies of the holmes/db and ... more »

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Did you ride it yet? You can carve it somewhat on the rightside. You cant carve too much bc it doesnt look super wide, but the bigger the carve, the less you have to turn on the wall. Pump up the transition with your legs, use the transition to spring yourself upwards but make sure your tires still make contact to wall. The better and higher you get, when you turn on the vert part, theres a good chance just your front wheel will be in contact of the wall. Keep your but low and compress your legs back down to your back tire makes contact with the wall. And pump down the transition.

You can also go at the wall more straight up and down. I think learning this is scarier bc you are more likely to lose contact with the vertical part of the wall. If you go up and down, do the same method as stated with the pump motion. But dont carve. Visualize a painted straight line going up the wall, you want to stay on the line. Its the best way i can describe it. Go up that line and come back down the same line. Also, it is a bit easier to get higher on the straight up ane down method if you slighly turn alleyoop. In theory, since you are kicking your backend up and behind you, your weight becomes more stabillized and you wont have your chest/center mass too far forward. If it is you will nosemanual to flatbottom and die, or completely come off the wall. Also, if you alley oop a tad, your wheel base feels shorter, because you land a tad passed 180deg.

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Yes, from back in the day...Federal, Volume and Citizen all had ties. Volume and Federal were Tawainese, and back then there were less reputable manufacturers. So parts, frames were coming oit of the same overseas Shops. Tip Plus umbrella played a huge ... more »

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Tubes stretch. I run 18" tubes, so there is less material, and have for years. Companies were selling light tubes in the 2000s, i found 18 tubes were easier to get. I have run 18" in 2.4 Momentum which are bigger than 2.4. If you run small tubes just ... more »

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Hey looking for a frame around 20.75 to 21.25tt that has a 74.5° head tube angle. I'd rather american made, but I don't want to get too picky. I will say that I will most likely use the frame's Rear End length to decide which top tube I will choose... ... more »

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Any luck, I can't imagine you still have this...let me know if you do, thanks

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Hey man...did you go with the SE complete.? So obviously SE had been around for a long time. BUT, There are better completes out there that would have a few more name branded parts on them, pretty much meaning you could get better parts on other completes....rather ... more »