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cleaning out some pieces. ALL ARE FROM A SMOKE-FREE/CLEAN HOME. All items are being stored safely. All are in good shape, a couple may have been lightly worn once or twice (lotek one is older), but for the most part the rest are unworn and brand new.

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you should definitely get a decent amount if you were to sell it. the cranks alone would make some peoples eyes pop for sure. there is a guy on instagram that collects a lot of the colored odyssey/sunday stuff, i cant recall the username.

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probably a longshot here, but yeah. 21" preferred, black, raw or olive green preferred. condition doesnt have to be perfect, just no re-welds or spray jobs

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duuuuuuude. super clean, super nice 100%

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thanks dudes^ thing just needs to see some riding time and will be good to go tires look wayyyy too new and im not feeling it.

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was almost fully parted out, then this insane disease hit so i figured build it up again and ride a lot if this ever lets up. inspired by nice T-1 and Credence trail builds, inspired by bikes from 2007, inspired by black metal, inspired by clean things.

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im also 5'11, i usually run somewhere between 9"-10" bars and theyre fine. as far as frame, im on a 21.5 right now and i dont think ill ever go back to anything smaller.

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Odyssey, S&M in terms of longevity/quality, no question. Profile also, though i personally dont care for them. BSD makes probably the best 'looking' stuff right now but i cant comment on their quality/durability. I have never had anything bad to ... more »

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i love this thing. pegless win 100%.

Added reply in a thread (Help) CULT Halflink Chain 4/22/2020 9:48 PM pic of sprocket/cranks shows the proper way to run the halflink. hope this helps.

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21.5 BTM. og flat black, very nice shape, no peg usage. not 100% on selling it, offer has to be right.

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that looks like a nice time right there, well done!....hit that spine 100 times a day.

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dig this one, nice piece right here.

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might be the meanest machine on here right now. that is how a beast is done.

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absolutely awesome in every way, love it.

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at first, they seem really really weird. find a mellow/smooth wall and dont over think it. once you start bumping the wall, youll start to feel it. just do them over and over. ***IF YOURE SEARCHING VIDS ONLINE, DO NOT DO THAT THING WITH THE PALLETS THAT ... more »

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FBM/S&M/Odyssey should be the blueprint for how things should be done, from a company standpoint. people can say whatever they want about their parts, personal taste/opinion, etc. test of time and their quality speaks for itself. that being said, ... more »

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havent been on vital in forever, figured id throw some pics. BTM 21.5 Hoder Sky High uncut Hoder Grips/Odyssey Par Ends Enduro Stem 49mm Odyssey R32, steerer tube cut Fiend Morrow seat BSD post S&M X-Man 28T Shadow chain Odyssey Thunderbolts, 165mm

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good vibes on this one. simple and clean. thumbs up.