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When your dead.

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My 1664 good ol cranks are 8 years old and still going strong

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Nick halisheff, local to Edmonton, but lives in van city now, introduced me to the whole crew I run with now and absolutely shreds

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That raw is sharp

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Found this curved rail a block from my house, too good to pass up

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I've had this problem with mine. Replaced bolts with some from hardware store, will report back exact size once I'm off work

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I have one on the way, that will be here later this week will update further

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Yeah that's what I meant. But that's good to know. Thanks man, just fairly new to coasters and wanted to make sure it was all good

Started new thread Khe Coaster question 6/6/2018 4:02 PM

I have a question regarding my coaster. It's a la casa complete coaster wheel (canadian company) I just started riding it after making the switch from a cassette. From my understanding it is based off a khe coaster. My question is, I'm running it with ... more »

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Evade left a comment 5/17/2017 2:14 AM

i see you like adam lz wink

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Fit begin frame- black 21" Grey Donnasweaks Kink drive side Hub guard Bsd Safari pedals cause I legit have no pins left on either of my pedals

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My condolences man, I got plenty of shit on my plate too. Dad left me and my mom a week before Christmas.

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This vitalbmx, no one here can flip.

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Maybe a 21" wouldn't be bad for him if you want something for dirt jumps/trails it'll be more stable in the air: I'd look at some Fit, Sunday, We The People and Subrosa completes. Also with the 21" it would last him longer if he hits a growth spurt, ... more »

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freecoaster rear wheel 4 pegs hub guards fit guarded sprocket new merit splatter seat

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Those fuckers are gonna kill us all.

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Shoutout to Chris at Transition