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I do believe air adds rotating weight to the tire. SO, technically air does affect the weight of the bike

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Nevermind haha, for some reason I though the spoke was going through a hole in the brake arm... it just slides out. awesome idea!!

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Only problem I see is having trouble disconnecting the brake for a tire change or something. Those brakes are gonna lock up immediately, awesome for people who like brake tricks.

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I don't know if I'm the only one having an issue, but this site runs fairly slow and the streaming isn't very efficient. It may just be a bug in my computer, but I'm concerned that vital may be getting a little too crafty with the javascript and video ... more »

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thanks for the input guys.. but the profile mini has only 48 points of engagement and the elite is going to cost me 370 after i buy a cog for it. ouchhh

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Have any of you racers on here bought the DK Megawatt hub? or know someone who has? I can't find a review for it and im kind of sketchy on buying it. thanks.

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Tyler Ginter viral video preview... before you leave this post, watch this kid scrub the shit out of a 3 foot roller.

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Sean should change his first name to "Stuntman." Just an editing note, that ridiculous gap to toothhanger shouldve been the last clip. Amazing riding.

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the cherry is like a few ounces lighter... which wont make a difference.. I dont know about stolen, but i know eastern has an awesome customer service department... soo codec

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New skatepark being built in my area looks nice... too bad its a skater-only park. I'm pissed. The people who make these decisions are people who are clueless on both sports and I have never heard of a park that kicks skaters out, yet half the parks ... more »

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alleyoop flair!!

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lay on your back with the bike and do them like that. it will teach you to do them.

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DONT TAKE GREASE OUT! We're not "shitting" on you, we''re keeping you from ruining your hub. Shouldn't matter how loud it is man just ride!

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He's right^ but i don't think just saying "fuck it" is always the answer. Tricks like tucks are things that you can ease your way into doing. First, take both hands off a little bit, and extend them out a little more forward everytime. keep doing this ... more »

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yeah ive got the bulimia and i love it.

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A good friend of mine told me not to get demolition cassette hubs because their drivers are junk. Can I get some other opinions from people who currently or previously owned some?

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@ Midvale, that's a dope ass pic dude.

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1. A sport is anything where people use their athletic ability to compete against each other. 2. If poker is a sport, skateboarding is a sport. 3. If skating isn't a sport, then why isn't there any fat skaters? 4. Say, "Those who can't do, teach." 5. ... more »

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I hope the chrome rim is on the back?