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some spindles have threads all the way through them. so you could just buy another bolt and tighten it on top of the one thats already in there and youd just have a non-hollow spindle. lol

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it all depends on how you ride man. longer rear ends are more stable at high speeds, so if you go big youll want a longer back end. but honestly man, once youve ridden it for a while youll get used to it.

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ahhhhh! I love it no joke. blue is now my favorite color btw. I saved these picturres because i decided my next bike will look like this. hhaa hope you dont mind

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Im not using them to race. ive had black pbrs on my street bike for months and theyre awesome. less backsweep on dk grey race bars give you more control. its just a question of whether im going to get these parts in a chrome finish or not. If some of ... more »

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I don't think those are pegs. I think he was planning on making some shish kabobs at the skatepark!

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I'm thinking running some chrome parts but I've never owned any chrome before aside from race bars that ive had for a month. I want alienation PBR's, DK Grey bars, and fit shiv2 forks, all in chrome. Do any of you guys know of the advantages/disadvantages ... more »

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Arguably the BEST power hour ive ever seen. i watched it 3 times already

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dude.... im literally in love with you right now!!! Im looking to get matte red eastern frame/forks/bars and matte hot blue rims but i was like, "IDK if it will look good or not." I now know that it will look pretty nice. thank you.

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no. lolzzzzz

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I know I always buy same brand for parts i want to match. I'm just money tight real bad so a parts kit is a way I can get decent parts without going broke. Im not going to be rocking nitrous forks and poverty hubs. lol

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i meant everything but frame. fits kit already sucks. on top of that there isnt bars or forks

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I'm trying to find parts kits (so i only have to worry about a frame). All I can find is the stolen ones, and i know united makes one but i cant find it on the internet. Do you guys know of anyone else that makes them? And where do i find them? If you ... more »

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I'm actually in the market for a new frame... what's so great about their customer service system?

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oOoOoO.. it looks fast (:

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they were coasting. you just cant back-pedal unless youre actually rolling backwards.

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yeah dude just raw the rim, come up with an idea (something sort of simple so its not as hard to fuck it up) and BE PATIENT. when you put on your basecoat wait a full day before taping and applying your secondary, and wait another day for the third, ... more »

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its all about who youre riding with man. ive been riding for 3 years and im way "behind schedule" because for the longest time i had nobody who was better than me to push me. go to the local park alot and find some dudes who are way better than you, ... more »

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Stolen thermalites are the best investment ive ever made. the only thing is, NO CONCRETE GRINDING. unless you wanna buy new ones every week. if theres coping, youre in heaven. you dont need to spend 15 minutes waxing, and theyre light. OH, and they are ... more »

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plus you cant pull the front end as close to your chest, which is hop the hop starts.