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what did you do? im just now recovering from collarbone surgery

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Just wondering if im the only one. lolllzzz

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This blows. I've been riding park/street for 2 years and i still can't do em. i know that i can, thats the shitty part. i just cannot force myself to let go

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Theres tons of people who ride with glasses. I ride with mine sometimes at night. As long as they fit the way theyre supposed to youll be good. and as long as you arent riding vert or huge trails, a helmet is a helmet.

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You we're f*cking cruising bro. hahah

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"My name is Rod, and i like to party." hahaha

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This whole deal is reallllllly ignorant. First off, most little kids who want to ride bikes but are a little intimidated by them use scooter as a stepping-stone. I'm trying to lock down air tailwhips and sometimes ill hop on a scooter to get the motions down. And besides, at least where im from, skateparks are like little communities. You know some people and everybody does their own thing. You people don't realize that as skaters, bmx riders, scooterers, or inline... we're a damn minority. Why do we constantly bash each other when our motives are exactly the same (to get your sport recognition). Who cares if Bucktooth Billy rides scooters? He likes to shred and so do I. Much love.

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