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Left handed lever?

New thread Computer-Oriented Job 9/10/2012 9:22 AM

I am currently a Sophomore at Bowling Green State University studying Computer Science. I know how to write object-oriented and dynamic code in c++ and am currently teaching myself java. I'm looking to do a co-op/internship this coming summer in my field ... more »

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The white cranks kinda throw me off. black cranks. aside from that just about the sikkest thing ive ever seen

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I don't use a spacer because I had the same issue ans was too lazy to get the right size spacer. sundaybmxRR is right, there is a chance your bearings can get crushed. BUT, as long as you don't over-thighten your cranks you'll be alright. I've used the ... more »

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With all of these little kids shredding scooters now you'd have a better shot getting them to make a scooter game.

Reply to 12.6 pound bike! Lightest bike ever 4/20/2012 7:24 AM

$3K race bikes don't even break the 15lb. mark. You're a newb for thinking it's possible to have a 12.6 pound bike. Most people on hear that say their bike weighs 18 lbs are lying even. Kg means Kilograms, not pounds (lbs.).

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are those ti spokes? very nicee

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Hey guys, Tampax just paid me to try out their new Pearl Plastic Tampons! Click here to try them out and get a complimentary iPad!

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while it doesnt make that big of a difference, when you preload for a bunny hop if you have less pressure the bike wont pop up as easy because some of your power is absorbed by the tires. ANYWAY, youre only 110 pounds. Ride like 60-70. Personally, I ... more »

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I have the elite on my race bike as well. Titanium parts that are fulcrums dont do shit.. Titanium parts cant take as much torque as steel and since the parts youre considering arent rotating weight, youre paying a shitload of money for what? Not even ... more »

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Basketball shorts are super loose. + I like to know that my junk isn't dangling around where something could happen to it. And stuff falls out of my pockets. Also, jeans take falling on pavement better. If I fall back from a fast fakie those bball shorts ... more »

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OH MY GOD. Please get a friend to take a high-quality picture of this so I can set it as my desktop background. seriously. amazing.

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Noooooo. Almost every race frame uses integrated headsets. It's not a money/research thing just company preference. The owner of GHP prefers standard (idk why) so his frames are made that way. Actually, the newGHP frames use integrated. And racing is ... more »

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the best freecoaster is no freecoaster.

New thread rofl speedster. 2/28/2012 11:26 AM

Here wee go. GHP Pro XXL 21.75'' frame, 15" CS DK Grey Bars DK Race Forks Haro TL Stem Diatech D-Cup headset ODI S&M Lock-on Grips Avid lever, Odyssey Cable, Shimano brake Truvativ cranks, KMC 3/32" chain Sun Envy rims, Demo Bulimia front hub, Profile

... more »

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Horrible food Jake. You don't even want to know..

New thread Work and BMSex. 2/3/2012 12:14 PM

I work at Taco Bell. When I go on breaks I pull a "hidden" grindbox out from behind the oil hopper and go behind the building and ride! Any one else have any sweet work/ride set ups??

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most of them can bunnyhop higher than me....

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I like how this turned into a physics debate

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I do believe air adds rotating weight to the tire. SO, technically air does affect the weight of the bike