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I just took mine off without asking and I never got questioned about it. I only took them off because I was becoming pretty stagnet with my progression and I was getting bored with riding so I did it to make riding fun again. its also nice to have no ... more »

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I don't really have any spots or parks that are in a close distance to my house, but I'm pretty keen to ride. what are some little jibby tricks that I can muck around with. something like a foot jam seat grab on flat, something simple that won't take ... more »

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Just on the millennial thing, I'm 16 and I have a job that I work really hard at. It's a bike shop so I'm pretty passionate about it. also when I want something I go out and buy it myself, for example, I just bought my second car the other week and I ... more »

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I knew this one was coming

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I'm after some new pegs, the ones I'm currently riding are getting worn down, and I want some plastic pegs. I'm looking at getting the stranger Zia pegs, anyone have any experience with them? Thanks

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fit wifi v2, it has 13inch slammed cs, with a 76ha or if you want something super short go the WTP battleship, it has a 12.7 cs

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what is the cloth on the stem for? just a personal touch or does it have any function?

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this thread needs to get pinned

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I have 2 pairs of these shoes but they have that weird coating on the bottom that makes it really slippery on the pedals

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my bars now are 9.25-inch rise would I be able to feel a difference compared to 9.3?

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I will soon need some new bars because the ones I have now are slightly bent. what are some good bars, that are around 28 1/2 wide, and are around 9-inch rise

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street mostly maybe a little bit of dirt

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nice, there are some trails up here in Bluehaven just across the Doyalson link road, they are quite big, although they are pretty worn down now. I've heard there are plenty of trails around, but I think people just keep them pretty hush so they don't ... more »

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are there any good spots on the central coast?

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I was starting to get hesitant with tricks that involved me taking off my feet because I was constantly shining myself, I have many scars on my legs from pedals, so I decided to pull the trigger on some pads and now I can confidently pull my feet 10x ... more »

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I'm looking for some help on the topic of bar spins as well and my problem is when I try and do the trick fly out or into a foam pit the bike drops out from under me, I'm pinching but it still happens

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My little brother rides scooters and I hop on it occasionally. I don't try anything at skateparks only on flat ground and they are so much easier to progress on. I have nothing against scooter riders, some of the stuff they do is insane. the little kids ... more »

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I work at a bike shop, and when there's nothing to do ill go 'test ride' a bike or watch the same edits over and over again, each time I see a new trick

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true true