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derrrrr tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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never had a problem with anything odyssey. if i rode a coaster, id buy the clutch.

Started new thread trans paints??? 9/9/2015 9:17 AM

does anyone know what a good transparent spray paint is? not sure on what color i want , but looking for some suggestions on brands. thanks yall

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Added a comment about video Rob Wise in "KILLJOY" 5/14/2014 10:00 AM

kills it. that last fakie dp was nuts

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Started new thread wtf happened to the vidoes? 10/22/2013 3:58 PM

so i checked out all videos and its spammed to hell. whats with all the shit?

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be careful where you use wd-40. its a degreaser. keep it out of bearings and off yo chain.

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cult vans. soft n sticky. i havent had the sweat problem yet with them. and ive been rockin em for 3 months n they still feel new and aint even shreddin yet which is a huge problem for me n grips.

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did you have that shit laced 4cross? it looks wonky.

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i would not.

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them metal ones.

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i had that idea like 5 years ago. sick that a company is actually going to make em. ive always used black tape and my peg to sneak joints around without having to worry bout gettin caught. noone will think to look inside your pegs.

Started new thread kool chain question 4/25/2013 6:21 AM

anyone runnin one on odysseys incisor teeth? does it fit good? im sure it does but just want to make double sure before i order one. thanks ya'll

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should support local bike shops and pretty much any independent business. even if it cost a little more.

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i recently got evo 2s for my bonedeth frame. my problems is i cant use the bolts that came with my evos and that would normally thread into traditional brake mounts. i have to use the really long bolts that came with my frame. i cant get my arms all ... more »

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its all i do now. just don't go out killing yourself and getting real hurt. keep it fun n mellow.

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yeah, you make no sense. maybe you reevaluates your life.

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a rock walk is like a double pivot thing. a g turn kinda involves a fakie nose manny.

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you should make me a set of t1 barcode stickers for a frame. i cant find em anywhere.