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I'm digging the community T shirt. I think you should send it to me since I can't hold a manual for 30 ft across a loading dock and busted my hands/shoulder/leg up pretty nicely. It would match my scars.

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all the bearings on profile stuff goes. My buddy had a wheelset and the bearings were crap. The crank bearings hold up better though. I have older DK's and they are exactly the same as the profiles with the same warranty and they're cheaper.

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So you're from Philly, u didn't used to race did you?

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so do u like punk music?smile

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well, i'm thinking 250 plus shipping. also, i'd prefer payment through paypal, but i'll accept checks as well

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i acutally cut the board into 4 pieces. there are two pieces in between the bike and the halves of the board for extra support. straight up rocket science.

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is it a rear wheel as opposed to a childrens snowboard? thats a cool man, shit you need snow, move to saskatchewan man, we got lots to share with the world... could solve the worlds drought problems, peace.

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i actually put the snowbike together myself. i'm using thule fork mounts to hold it to the board, then bolting it together with 1/8" plates under the board. it's not totally together yet, and i haven't been able to ride it cause of now snow.... I'll i need is a few screws and two plates and it'll be set. its gunna be sweet shit. sideways

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where the fuck did you get the snow bike. we've builts several kinds but nothign that awesome, please, lead me the right way

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come to my bikeshop, i'll sell you

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I've only ever ridden a few. PennSkate is the closest that is decent. EastGreenville YMCA park is the closest, but it's really small. There were two others by me that were decent, but they both got torn down(gay).

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my dad threw my tramp bike