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Anyone know of some fun universities or anything like that in Michigan with uncaped rails and fun street stuff?

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Sweet I'll definitely look into the flip flops and sandles! Everyone else thanks for the good links and suggestions as well.

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I have a pair of Etnies midtops right now and I will be looking for a new pair of mids soon. They have been great since I have had numerous ankle injuries and they provide a lot of ankle support. Anyone know of some good mids with possibly a gum sole ... more »

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The Raggidy and Holland mostly. Kalamazoo has some fun stuff too.

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Flag poles for seat posts.

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Whats up man haven't seen or heard from u in years how have u been. sick edit by the way

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1/5/2011 4:53 PM

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Yo yo yo

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Been there like 2xs, I like it but I try to stay away from parks. I like riding street mostly because I just love being outdoors. Is that where you go?

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Do you ride Transtions often?

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Michigan is definitely underrated! It has amazing spots and riders.

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Alley oop smith

My church actually built this mini for a few of my friends and I to ride in a play. Definitely a good time. Unfortunately it is no more.

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i <3 Michigan!

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Michigan Bmx

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