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Woah u gots snow... no fair... i havn't seen any snow for a year so far haha.. spose its kinda a good thing! Yer its good to just session an underground car park during poo weather days... get sum basics n flat tricks down

Any ideas on ur next ride??

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Hey! Thanks for adding me too your list, plus nice bike. Thats cool that girls are getting into bmxing. More the better. Where I'm from...Tons' of snow here and its cold also. So I'm just itch'n to ride real bad. I have my bike here at work and I just continue to work on some small tricks; bunnyhop 360's, bar flips and barspins, manuals etc. Not much room to bike but at least I still have somewhat of a feel for my bike. I'm also trying to sell it for another sick ride. Later. Grind it up!

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Heylo there

Thankies for the request, u doing alriite?

Ur bike looks tight! Ur running a sick setup.

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I just starting to learn them also, crazi hard thou. But check out the latest RIDE mag (Feb. 2007). In the how to section, it talks about learning tailwhips. I've been reviewing it every other day and I'm actually dreaming about landing them in my sleep ... more »

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Hey! I just want to say that I have alot of respect for people that have the ability to ride flatland. I ride street and ramp mostly and I tryed to learn a few flatland tricks and its hard. I don't have the balance or patience for flatland. Hats off to you man. Keep it real!

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Hey! I'm from Fort Smith, NWT, Canada. Its -22 degrees Fahrenhiet and I'm freezing my ass off and unable to ride. Just want to say...love your riding man! Keep it up dude!

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Rocked an Ex-NHLer!!!!
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12/20/2006 4:56 AM

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i like the bike...you paint it yourself?

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No! Tryed it and didn't care for it. Never again. I like to keep my mind clear. Don't drink either.

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My bros and I started off with WTP completes and we never ran into any major problems. Of course they come with a 1 or 2 shitty parts, but what complete doesn't. First thing I would do is buy a good pair of pedals with whatever bike you buy. Hope this ... more »

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I ride a KHE giesha street freecoaster. Just got it not to long ago. Personally, I think its a lot of fun. Still getting use to it thou. Check it out at www.khe-bmx.com or at www.danscomp.com Post edited by: iridebmx, at: 2006/12/11 15:13

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NO! Tryed it once and didn't like it. Never again.

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12/10/2006 11:26 PM

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Shit bro! I hope that I'll be able to go done and shred with ya! I'm not getting any younger (26) and I gotta get some roadtrips under my belt before I'm unable to ride. Later Dude!

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