I live in a community that isn't growing at all. But I'd hate to leave, cuz besides bmx, I have close ties with the surrounding areas. I love to hunt, trap, camping, snowmobiling. I also have a full time job with the government of the NWT and its hard to quit a job that you get payed a shit load of money, I mean alot of money. My fiance and I own a home and we're getting married, probably next summer. She's cool, lets me do my own thing. Fort Smiths streets are not very good but its help those who ride be come more creative with what very little we have. Also, having no place to ride in the winter sucks (usually lasts about 6 months). So yeah, right now I'm fuck'n itch'n to ride my bike. Hope whoever reads this is able to ride. Happy Rid'n!

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